Can I Buy Groceries with Bitcoins?

Yes, absolutely. Now you can purchase your favorite grocery items with Bitcoins provided that you use debit cards like Wirex, Bitpay, Coinbase, TenX card, etc., that utilizes your crypto fund as a deposit. 

Considering the global situation of 2021, your firm is the status symbol only if you dare to test the existing state of your company’s affairs by accepting Bitcoin. Be it for marketing purposes or to stay updated with the trend, many firms have reaped high benefits just by being the early participants. Platforms like are helping people greatly to acquire and hold bitcoins which increasing their profit through bitcoin trading.

Here is the detailed compilation of a list of grocery marketplaces that accept Bitcoin-based payments, as credit/debit cards are now used very little for online transactions. 

groceries with crypto

Whole Foods

Whole Foods partners with Spedn; the Winklevoss Flexa spending application. With this application, you can purchase all the important grocery items through Bitcoin transactions. The app also supports Gemini dollar and Litecoin cryptocurrencies-based payments without any problem. Other than that, you can use the Spedn app to make payments in Regal Cinemas, Jamba Juice, Gamestop, and Baskin Robbins, etc., who are also willing to accept Bitcoin.


Here you get the wisest and diverse collection of grocery items, including 10+ branded stores! The company offers free order delivery, right at your doorstep. It also offers same-day delivery within 10 am and the best thing is the referrer program and automatic loyalty program, either of which adds a credit amount to your account on that website, for spreading the word! You can go for the PayPal or e-transfer option to complete the purchase with Bitcoin.  

La Vita Pazza 

This company delivers premium quality imported Italian grocery items right at your doorstep. High-quality La Molisana pasta, Extra virgin Olive Oils, San Marzano Tomato Sauces, etc., are only some of the many products. Other than that you get the complete range of Mulino Bianco Biscuit items, delightful Pecorino cheese, Large Cured Italian Meats, Soft drinks, and Italian Bottled Beers here, which you can purchase with Bitcoin. 

Mission Marke 

This progressive convenience grocery store provides the perfect buying experience to its customers in urban settings. The company boasts a large variety of widely appealing grocery items that include a superior selection of freshly marketed food items. Online ordering cum free delivery, a loyalty program with additional credit points, and the only grocery store in California that accepts Bitcoin payment make Mission Market one of the most-sought convenience stores.

Benefits of Grocery Shops that Accept Bitcoin as Payment

Low transaction

If you are a retailer and you don’t see any sort of benefit in accepting Bitcoin as payment but it only meets the consumers’ needs, then you are partially wrong. Though the latter part is true, there are additional benefits for the seller as well. How? Bitcoin-based payment costs low transaction fees compared to any other mode of payment.

Bitcoin transactions depend on a decentralized P2P (peer-to-peer) processing platform where no regulatory bodies or banks are involved. That is why it costs low transaction fees.

Being a retailer, it won’t cost you anything to start accepting Bitcoin-based payments as it includes no fee or chargeback to be paid off.

Overtaking Mobile-commerce

Though Bitcoin is currently on-trend, it cannot outrun the other existing mobile payment systems like Google Wallet, PayPal, etc. The sellers need not withdraw these m-commerce payment processors from their payment modes option just to be totally focused on Bitcoin.

However, with time, Bitcoin-based payment is becoming a more acceptable source of payment in the marketplaces these days.  Whereas some people prefer PayPal or other such platforms to make payments. So, being a seller, you need to understand the consumer’s convenience and choice, keep both the payment options available for them, and let them make the transaction as per their choice.  

After all, in the end, all that matters is the consumers’ needs and satisfaction throughout the purchase process. If they are willing to pay in Bitcoins, then the sellers should accept the same.

Is it Worth it to Spend My Bitcoin Funds in a Grocery Market?

Yes. After all, spending is the core purpose of any currency; be it a fiat currency or cryptocurrency. Isn’t it? Although most crypto traders tend to observe and keep track of the market trend, it does not send the accurate message as it should be.

Just think about the situation where maximum consumers are doing Bitcoin transactions for their groceries. It will market the concept of cryptocurrency exchange/payment at a large scale and encourage more businesses to accept this payment system.

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