SpyMyFone – Track and Monitor Any Smartphone Easily

Wish to trace/track/monitor your Kids’/employees/family members’ Whatsapp Messages, call logs, Facebook, Instagram, location and everything else? This SpyMyFone review should help with exactly that.

With great power, comes great responsibility. This is exactly what the Digital age has brought for us. There’s technology but it needs to be used wisely.

Today, even 5year olds have access to the most advanced gadgets and fastest internet. However, not everything or everyone they meet on the Internet may have the best of intentions for them

SpyMyFone is something that helps you guarantee their safety.

kids using smartphone

What is SpyMyFone?

In simplest possible words, it’s a parental/employee-monitoring app. It lets users monitor and access nearly every piece of data on a cell phone, including:

  • Browsing History
  • Text Messages
  • Social Media (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Kik, Viber, etc).
  • Keywords
  • App activity.
  • Call Logs
  • Contacts
  • Location
  • E-mails etc.

Bottom line, using SpyMyFone on a cell phone is like having complete, unrestricted physical access to the device without the “physical” part.

SpyMyFone Features

How to Monitor Whatsapp Messages

Even though it seems like the ultimate hack, the installation process is fairly simple. In fact, it’s no different than how you install any other application on the device.

First, you’re required to Signup on the platform. Once done, simply install the application on the device normally as you’d do for any other app (after enabling Installation from Unknown sources).

Then, simply login to your SpyMyFone account on the website, or use their official app and navigate to Social Apps > Whatsapp.

You not only get the messages but also their attachments, voice notes, timestamps and other details associated with the conversations.

Spy Social AppsNo Physical Access Required on iPhones/iPads-

In case you’re trying to Spy Whatsapp on an iPhone or an iPad, it can be done even without having any physical access to the device. All you need is the iCloud access.

Simply enter the device’s iCloud details and SpyMyFone will sync itself with the device and get you all the data you seek.

You can even download the Whatsapp data offline for later use. Another advanced feature is, you can flag Whatsapp contacts.

So every time the device communicates with the flagged number on Whatsapp, you get an alert!

Live Screenshots

This is one of my favorite features with the app. You can remotely capture a screenshot, in real-time of whatever is being shown on the user’s screen.

So even if they’re texting, watching a video, video-calling or anything else you get full access to the screen in real-time!


KeyLogging, as the term, suggests means logging the keywords. It’s a feature which lets you record every single key ever pressed on the device.

So apart from direct access to Whatsapp and other social media accounts, you get to know what was typed on the phone even if it was in the notes section, on a website’s search bar or basically anywhere else.

Spy on Messages

GeoTracking and GeoFencing

One of the prime requirements with an app like this is- Location tracking. Isn’t it? It not only gets you information about where the device is, but also is extremely useful when the device gets lost.

So that’s another feature that SpyMyFone offers. Live location tracking for the device.

Another advanced feature that’s offered is Geofencing, this is something that’s not as common with other similar apps.

It lets you set geographic limitations so whenever the device enters or leaves set geographic area, you get alerts. Extremely helpful if you wish to track your school-going kids.

Browsing History

Devices these days don’t do much offline, hence it’s of utmost importance you get to know what’s being searched on your devices, which websites are being visited and other related information.

SpyMyFone helps you with that by getting you detailed, time-stamped history of every website visited for all the browsers on your device.

Offline Files

Another useful feature offered by the app is its access to Multimedia files. You can view all the files on the device, as well as a preview or download them.

Access to Deleted Files

Again something that’s exclusive with SpyMyFone is its access to deleted files. Kids, Employees and most family members are smart enough and may delete files which shouldn’t be there, right?

Viewing the deleted files also helps you get a better idea of what content previously did exist on the device. So well, even those files can be accessed using SpyMyFone.

Block Apps and Lock Device

SpyMyFone also lets you remotely block certain apps which you believe shouldn’t be on the device (Bye Tinder?)

And parents can even set scheduled time-limits on the device, after being used for said amount of time, the device is locked.

SIM Change Activity

Another anti-theft feature, in case your device is stolen every time a user changes the SIM Card on the device you get the new number, as well as the exact date and time of the change.

SIM Change Detection


This is something you should pay attention to before using the app. The app isn’t made to let you “hack” into devices.

It should only be used on devices owned by you, or by parents to monitor activities of their kids.

When using on your employees’ devices, they need to be made aware of the app being installed on the device, and should only be installed with your employees’ consent.

Consent, however, isn’t required from your kids, considering how you’re their legal guardian as long as they’re below 18.

Bottom line, use it only for legal purposes, with consent wherever required. Using it for any and all illegal purposes is a criminal offense.

No JailBreak / Rooting Needed

Rooting or Jailbreaking is generally presumed to be required for such hardcore features, well, fortunately, that’s not the case with SpyMyFone.

You don’t need to Jailbreak(iOS) or Root (Android) the phone and the app can be installed on the normal, factory-shipped phones.

Final Words on How to Spy Whatsapp Messages with SpyMyFone

So that’s a wrap folk. SpyMyFone not only lets you Spy on Whatsapp but literally grants you access to the entire device remotely.

Is it worth it? From the looks of it, yes absolutely. You don’t need to write a single line of code, no complicated terminals. It’s as easy as using Facebook or another app on your mobile or PCs.

Disclaimer- We do not encourage or promote illegal hacking, this should only be used as a legal, parental/employee monitoring app. It’s your duty to establish the legality of using the app in your country/region or on anyone before using any links or information provided here.

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