Studying apps- Unknown facts about them

The Studying apps are something that has made the life of students pretty easier while taking up numerous courses for education. No matter in what field or what genres are you studying, a studying app helps you get all the notes you require, go over the entire syllabus thoroughly and even practise the exercises in it. So, when you are using these applications so frequently, it is natural that you want to know everything about them. So here are some unknown facts about the studying applications that you should definitely know.

educational apps

  • The studying apps are used more than the educational websites — Although we did have numerous educational websites before the pandemic, during the coronavirus lockdown, we saw numerous studying apps getting launched for courses and even online tuitions. Surprisingly, the increase in the number of applications at that time led to the development of more in the past 3 years. That is why today you will get more studying apps being used by students than the educational websites.
  • Users or students avoid the complicated study apps — When students access a studying app available online, they tend to avoid the ones which are very complicated and the data in them is set in complex language. They like easy to use and access applications with a very simple language used in the format and syllabus. And this makes studying more convenient and easier, students tend to prefer the easy to use studying app.
  • Advertisements are the main source of revenue for these studying applications — While there are certain features in a study app that requires you to go for a premium version, you might be aware that most students never do so. So, it would be pretty natural that you are curious to know how these studying applications operate and get revenue for the same. Well, advertisements that appear on the studying apps while you are accessing the free version is the main source of revenue for these applications.
  • Half of the studying apps available on the Google play store or Apple Store are never downloaded — If you are overwhelmed by the number of studying applications available online and how often these would be used, then you’d be surprised to know that half of these haven’t ever been downloaded. Yes, the users are pretty smart and download only the applications which are famous or have good customer reviews or being recommended by a friend to them.
  • Most students do more than half of their studies in an online study app — There might be lots of students who refer to various types of educational applications like the ones that provides them with the online classes, those which help in presenting better in the classes and the ones which have educational quizzes or poetries in them. But half of these students use the study applications which aid them in learning better and understand the concepts easily.

Apart from all these facts, it is also very rarely known that these studying applications are going to be the future of education. After some 5 or 6 years, students would prefer referring to the online notes available in these studying applications rather than opting for the physical textbooks.

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