$13 Windows 10 Pro Key & More Software Sale on G2Deal

If you have not been living under a rock or maybe in a remote cave, you would have definitely heard of Windows. It is one of the most popular products on the planet which has propelled Bill Gates to the spot of the richest man on earth. Microsoft generates its massive revenue through its operating system also known as Windows. Ever since its arrival, it has been the staple operating system for most computers on the planet. And even though a lot of other operating systems have started flooding the market, Windows still remains on top by a huge margin as it keeps out rolling out new versions of the operating system.

The latest version to hit the market is the Window 10. It comes with amazing new upgrades and improvements. Its pro version is especially popular with businessmen and corporate workers as it not only enhances their productivity but also allows them to be on top of their affairs through systematic management of business. But the sole drawback is that the cost of upgrading your operating system to Windows 10 costs a whopping EUR 115.59.

G2Deal Discount

But do you know something which would brighten your mood right up? You can get the same upgrade at a cost of EUR 13.78. Sounds like another one of those internet scams where you pay the money and get nothing? But the truth is the G2Deal provides you with such amazing discounts on software. So it is not just Windows but a variety and range of softwares which you may need for you daily needs or professional requirement.

What is G2Deal?

G2Deal is an online software portal where one can find genuine product keys at a fraction of their market value. A lot of premium softwares are found on this website. In fact the whole ESP of the site is their ability to provide genuine product keys at almost ninety percent discount on their original market rates. This makes it an extremely popular online software portal and save millions of customers around the globe.


What is its Super summer software keys sale?

Every summer, G2Deal offers massive discounts on a number of highly sought after softwares. Through a set period of time, every year in the summers, G2Deal offers discounts which are frankly impossible to believe if not with your own eyes. They give out authentic product keys of numerous products which includes operating systems, antivirus, games, and other types of premium softwares which if bought from the market at their original costs would have cost you an arm and a leg.

What are the types of softwares available?

G2Deal deals with a wide range of softwares. But they specialize in a few select categories. These are the categories in which they give out amazing discounts. And at the correct time you are bound to land yourself a freaking steal. Now let us have a look at the products on which G2Deal offers the best discounts during its Super summer software keys sale.

  • Windows: This site has the best prices for almost all of the Windows products in the market. Starting from Windows 10 to Windows Office 19, G2Deal boasts of providing everything at less than a fraction of the market price. The various products on offer are Windows 10 Pro, Windows Office 2016, Windows Office 2019, Microsoft Office, Windows 10 Pro + Office 2019 Pro et al. This variety of products from Microsoft is available on the website. During the stipulated time frame, G2Deal offers discounts amounting up to a whopping 90%. So be prepared to grab some of these while they are on sale for example, currently, WINDOWS 10 PRO PROFESSIONAL CD-KEY (32/64 BIT) is available at just $10.52 / 9,43€
  • Antivirus: Antivirus is something that is an integral part of every system. Although the recent Windows operating systems have started coming with the Windows Defender feature which is an antivirus in itself a lot of the prominent operating systems do not have an inbuilt antivirus which requires the customers to purchase it separately. G2Deal offers you lucrative prices on some of the most popular premium antivirus softwares like Avast pro, McAfee antivirus series, Kaspersky Security, Norton security deluxe, Bitdefender internet security, AVG antivirus et al.
  • Games: Some of the most popular games available at this site are Dying Light: Bad Blood, Elder Scroll, Spellforce 3, Cities: Skylines – Green Cities, Surviving Mars et al. These games can all be bought at a cost which would make you pinch yourself in disbelief.

How to pay?

The payment is an extremely easy step. First you choose the software that you wish to purchase. Then you check out through your cart. And there you can pay with your VISA card or MasterCard.

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G2Deal Discount

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Software are an integral part of our personal and professional lives nowadays. So G2Deal is a godsend as it enables the customer to avail software at rates which make them extremely affordable to everyone. If you have desired the latest windows version, software or games but couldn’t afford due to their heavy price, G2Deal is making all of them available at a fraction of their original price to you.

Buy the most popular and useful WINDOWS 10 PRO PROFESSIONAL CD-KEY (32/64 BIT)  AT only $10.52 / 9.43€ or explore the website to buy keys of any software, program or game that you like.

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