5 Undeniable Reasons Everyone Should Complete a Defensive Driving Course

Did you know that the number of car accident deaths in the United States surpasses 38,000 annually? What’s especially unfortunate is that driving defensively could have prevented many of these accidents.

If you’ve driven for many years, you might have forgotten many of the common defensive driving techniques. These include understanding traffic rules, keeping a safe distance, reacting to other vehicles properly, and scanning the roads for potential incidents.

Taking a defensive driving course can educate you on such safe practices and more. Take a look at these five reasons to pursue a defensive driving certificate.

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1. Potentially Save on Car Insurance

Did you know that you could save up to 20 percent on your car insurance premiums if you attend a defensive driving school? Eligibility will depend on factors like your age, state, driving history, and car insurance company. So, consider contacting your insurance agent to find out if a defensive driving course can save you some cash.

2. Stay Safer on the Road

Taking a course that provides defensive driving tips can help you avoid an accident or at least maneuver in a way that leads to less damage. For example, a defensive driving course online or in person will teach you how to spot potentially dangerous situations so you can react in time. This means you could avoid some of the financial costs and physical suffering that result from a car accident.

3. Gain Current Traffic Law Knowledge

While you might have learned traffic laws back in driving school as a teenager, it’s easy to forget those over time. Also, some rules may change and lead to a ticket when you don’t follow them. Attending a defensive driving school will provide a helpful refresher in a structure better than trying to learn all the laws on your own.

4. Resolve Legal Issues

Whether you’ve had a car accident or received multiple citations for poor driving, you might face the requirement to take a defensive driving school program to get your license back or at least remove points. In these cases, the course will get you back on the road faster and help you avoid making the same driving mistakes again.

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5. Gain Personal Satisfaction From New Driving Skills

Even if you already consider yourself a safe driver, you probably still have more to learn. Perhaps you’re interested in tips on driving in bad weather or on different types of terrain. You can both expand your knowledge and get some personal satisfaction with a defensive driving certificate.

Find a Defensive Driving Course Today

To take advantage of these benefits, start researching defensive driving course options that can fit your needs and budget.

You can find convenient online programs that feature text and video content to review on your own time. You can also check local driving schools for in-person defensive driving classes if you do better with a live instructor. In either case, make sure the program has good reviews and teaches up-to-date laws.

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