The Diversity of Online games In Modern Gaming Era

Today’s generation spends a lot of time playing online games on the internet. People across all regions and ages indulge in this form of entertainment. Online gaming has become extremely popular nowadays. There is a huge number of games found on the internet which can be played on gaming consoles and personal computers alike. These games cover a variety of genres and are available for people with diverse interests. These include sports games, action games, strategy-based mind games and simulators.

The gaming industry has flourished greatly and the quality of graphics and gameplay in the games has improved to a great extent. Nowadays gaming companies hire trained professionals for the development of games to make the experience for the players worthwhile. Let us take a look at the broad classifications of online games.

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Strategy games have their roots in board games requiring a skillful application of the brain. Strategy based online games require the player to think carefully in order to achieve victory. The objective of the game varies from achieving world domination to the successful completion of a farm. Strategy games allow the player to tactfully control the characters under his command and make them perform different tasks to achieve the goal. Strategy Games can be classified into a few sub-genres:

  • Online Casino

Online Casino gaming is one of the emerging games among serious gamers because it is not like any petty game, playing casino is more like handling a big business. The gamer needs to think big. Each wise strategy and every smart move that the player picks directly impacts on his game. These high-level strategy games such as Book of Ra allows a player to totally reverse the outcome of the game with proper observatory & deductive skills. The level of satisfaction these challenges bring can’t be achieved from any other game where, you don’t get anything real in return.

Online casino is the fastest growing gaming niche of the decade. Earlier, there was not any separate niche or online casino because its mini activities such as lucky draw, pick a card, guess the number, etc. were included in other games and online challenges to make it more interesting but it was found that people were taking too much interest in these mini-games in comparison to the whole challenge. So, experts have introduced a separate online casino niche where not only these games were there present but many more cards, coins, dice and ball games were added to expand this gaming category.

Since then, the online casino and its user base just keep on increasing. Online casino has brought such cool innovations in the past decade that they are still being adopted here in there in other, puzzle, strategy games. If you want to perform better in online casinos or any other games, you need to have strong deduction & observation skills with fast-forward thinking to foresee all the outcomes of your next 10 moves and your favorable ones out of them.

You need to reckon how each move is going to affect your resources and help you in getting your favorable outcomes. If you have met someone who has good experience in online casinos, then you might have found that they already own all these basic skills. It reflects in their gameplay, their business and even in their lifestyle. How? The answer is online casino because games in these categories teach you all these basic skills from beginner to advanced level.

Before I tried online casino, I used to think that it’s just about just luck and I am sure many of you who have never tried it think the same. However, it’s not always the case. Online casino games are more practical than you think, it is more practical than any other gaming category. It’s directly inspired by the general lifestyle. All the challenges you face in your life are available there. All the happiness you get in your life after putting some efforts or taking a wise decision is available there too. Just, terminologies are different. You get opportunities to own small success & temporary happiness in life but you buckle up for long term goals to bring overall harmony in your life, you will face the similar challenges while playing online casinos too.

So, if you’ve never tried, your should definitely take a moment to try out online casinos and experience the feel that it has to offer. You will only become wiser by facing the challenges that online casinos bring and, by conquering them, you might find unfold solutions to many unprecedented problems that life has designed for you.

  • 4X Games

4X Strategy Games refer to the four X’s of their gameplay: Expand, Explore, Exploit and Exterminate. 4X games take place over a large time-span giving the player control over an entire species or civilization. The gameplay is usually set on a historical background or a science fiction backdrop where the elements aim at world domination led by the player.

Example: The civilization series, Master of Orion, Empire Earth, etc.


The first genre which requires a mention is Action. The most popular and high rated online games are of this type. Also, this is the oldest genre in games. Most of the games in earlier times were action based. Action games are classified by a number of sub-genres.

  • Shooting

The most dominant sub-genre within the action games is the shooter games. They can be further classified into first person or third person shooter games based on the perspective of gameplay. First person shooter games are played with the player’s perspective including a heads-up display, while in Third person shooter games the environment is depicted from a distance while the full body of the player is visible. Players generally use ranged weapons for the gameplay in shooter games. They are often violent and portray the use of lethal weapons. Here are certain exceptions to this like the game Splatoons which has a non-violent objective.

Example: Wolfenstein 3D, Half-Life, Call of Duty franchise etc.

call of duty game

  • Fighting

Fighting games involve close-range combat. The gameplay usually consists of one to one fights or combat against a small group of equally powerful opponents. The fights are often unarmed and involve violent and exaggerated attacks based on different types of martial arts systems. This type of games hardly has any use for advanced weaponry. The fights are either hand to hand or combat with melee weapons.

Example: Super Smash Bros, Dragonball Xenoverse, Injustice, etc.


Adventure games are also among the earliest ones to be developed. Colossal Cave Adventure was the first adventure game to be introduced. Adventure games facilitates the player to enjoy solving various riddles as well as puzzles through interaction with the environment without any such confrontation. It is devoid of any form o combat or challenging of the reflexes. Because of this, this genre is popular among the vast majority who appreciate the absence of action based challenges and time constraints. It can also be classified into a number of sub genres.

Example: Resident Evil, Zork Series, The Longest Journey, etc.


Sports games emulate the gameplay of an outdoor sport. They are also hugely popular among the youth. Many games and gaming series feature the names and attributes of real-life players and teams and update the data regularly for an original first-hand experience. Some games like Madden NFL and FIFA Manager focus on strategy building and management of the team while others emphasize actually playing the sport like NBA (National Basketball Association) and PES (Pro Evolution Soccer). Others exaggerate the gameplay and satirize it for comic effects like Need For Speed.

Example: WWE 2K series, Mario Tennis Open, NHL series, etc.

Thus, the diversity in the field of online games is pretty evident. Everyone can find a game of their choice and interests on the internet or in stores. The games cover a diverse spectrum from war games to farming simulators. Hard-core action games with incredible graphics and sound quality can be enjoyed by gamers as easily as a simple and effective game of online chess.

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