7 Things every sports fan in USA must experience

If you’re reading this, chances are you identify yourself as one of the biggest sports enthusiasts in the USA, and you already have a bucket list for all sports experiences you want to have, in this life. But, the thing about real sports enthusiasts is they are always looking for newer rich experiences to add to their ever-expanding bucket list, and they also make genuine efforts and end up ticking off experiences in that bucket list, so anyway, they are always on the look-out for more.

We thought it would be a great idea, for sports fans in the USA like you, to have a new list of absolutely mandatory sports experiences that you should get, in this lifetime. So, here are the 7 things that you must experience, as a sports fan in the USA:

Sports Fan USA

1. Go for the Little League World Series

What makes Little League so special, year after year, and has thousands of sports enthusiasts in the gallery, is there’s nowhere else across the globe, you get to see such agility and performance of prowess by young kids between eleven to thirteen years of age. And, this should be on your list, if you’re into baseball because nothing beats the electric energy within the stadium!

2. Go for an outdoor hockey match

If you grew up in North America, you grew up either playing or loving pond hockey, or probably doing both. The NHL, since 2001, hosts Winter Classic every year, and this event attracts several hockey lovers across the USA. The love for hockey, the unstable weather conditions, and the sheer zeal of the players, as well as the fans, makes it an experience that you should have, at least once.

3. Run a marathon

Well, not all of us are great players, but what unites is love for sports, love for the game, or for watching it. Nevertheless, it is never a bad idea to participate in a marathon, even if you’re not a mainstream player. Because, unless you experience such a thing in life, and its pure bliss, you’re sure to miss out. You don’t need to run the full marathon unless you’re up for it, but you should definitely give the experience a go, for the sake of it, and Boston Marathon seems like the perfect place!

4. Go for a Game Seven

Whether it’s the NHL or NBA, if you’re a sports fan and you’re in the USA, you should make it a point to attend a Game Seven. Well, if you’re still wondering whether this is worth it, there’s nothing bigger than a Game Seven for a player: it can make or break their dreams. These games are really big, and the amount of tension each game has is electric and huge! The fans create an atmosphere of thrill and joy, and magnetic energy, cheering for the teams, and the games sway with the emotions of the fans. Hence, it is one experience that a sports fan has to experience, or else he’d be deprived all his life of the exuberance that vibrates through these games!

5. Show up at Super Bowl

If you’re a sports fan in the USA, you’ve to be an NFL fan. No matter which team you support at NFL, you must come for one of their matches at the Super Bowl! Though Super Bowl matches are super expensive, it is one experience that you’ve to have, as a sports fan, or else, your life will be incomplete, and we’re serious!

6. Do some sports betting

You can never be a true sports fan if you never bet on a match in the USA! Now, there are numerous online sites for you to bet. And, because it involves serious money, and everyone likes to win a bet and some more money, you should be careful about the sites you’re betting on. Even if you’re experienced in these ventures, it is always better to know which sites are better than the rest, and the pros and cons of every action you undertake, by taking the help of sites that give you an extra edge in online sports betting in the USA!

7. Play Golf at Pebble Beach

Exotic as it sounds, this experience is a must-have for you! Pebble Beach, in spite of being its exorbitant in pricing, has one of the most scenic golf courses for you. The sheer bliss of playing in the Pebble Beach, knowing it has a rich golf history that goes far behind in time till 1917, makes it one of the most sought after golf courses globally. You can try your luck for a round by either subscribing to a hefty annual membership or take part in the annual events that happen at Champions Tour or PGA Tour! No matter which one, playing around at this golf course, should be on the top of your bucket, if you’re a true fan!

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