10 Important Tips on How to Survive Freshman Year in College

College is a big step towards adulthood. While in school you were practically hand-fed most information, college is a different ballgame altogether. If my freshman year has taught me anything, it is that it can be quite easy to feel overwhelmed with college life but it is a time that you should be able to enjoy with your friends. The following tips will take you one step closer to having a more organized college life:

1. Take responsibility for yourself

Something that all your adults in your life will tell you is that college is the time to “be more responsible”. You may roll your eyes at it and think that it can’t be all that difficult, but let me tell you all that bravado will disappear when you step into your college dorm. Starting with documents for registration, making tuition payments, applying for your dorm, meal plan and much more, you will realize just how much you have on your plate.

It is important to take responsibility for filling up all the necessary forms in time, and for you to learn exactly how you should go about the whole process. Of course, it is not bad to ask for help, but you should not wash your hands off these responsibilities completely. This also includes taking responsibility of your finance. Taking more responsibility will also help you to understand the importance of being organized. Hone your skills – whether it is presentation skill, interaction skill or skill to write great essays like our friends at Royal Essay do!

2. Attend the orientation sessions

While at the time you may feel like it is pointless to attend the orientation, it is best not to avoid it. It helps you get familiar with the campus which is helpful in order to figure where your different classes will be scheduled as well as important places such as the library and the information desks are. It also helps you meet new people and gives you a chance to make some friends before your classes begin; orientation sessions may be boring, and you may feel like you are drowning in information, but ultimately, they are quite useful. You don’t need to remember each and every detail, but whatever you do manage to retain will help you out eventually.

3. Get to know your roommate

It is highly recommended that you spend at least the first year of college in the dorms or residence halls. It helps you make connections and be more social. Hence, your roommate will be your best companion, since you will spend a considerable amount of time with each other. Thus, you should make some effort and try to get to know your roommate. It will also help you hash out some dorm rules so that you both have a better dorm experience.

You should be ready to be able to compromise with your roommate; you should also talk openly about any issues that you have early on in the relationship. Ultimately, having a roommate who you can call a friend will help you to have a better college experience.

4. Don’t procrastinate on getting your classes sorted

Perhaps the most important thing is to find out when you can start registering for classes and registering for them immediately. While doing so make sure to have a complete list of classes in front of you that you need to take in order to complete your course. While this may seem like a lot of work, you will be grateful when you don’t have to spend an extra semester finishing a required course.

5. Understand the requirements of the course

College is a time where you will need to work hard for your grades. A good way to work towards that is to make sure that you know and understand everything that will be required of you-you can do this with the help of the syllabi. Most professors put the assignments as well as the due dates in the syllabi as well so that you are aware early on about when you will be expected to hand in your work. Make sure that you read through the syllabi carefully so that you are able to meet these deadlines.

6. Strive for good grades

While many may tell you that midterms are not very important, it is not true. This is the first grade that you will receive in your college life, and hence, will be the first test of how you are coping with your studies. While you may not be able to ace them, you should at least aim for a higher than average grade. One way of ensuring that is to make sure that your assignments are of top-notch quality.

7. Perfect your assignments

Assignments make up a good chunk of your grade. It may be exhausting to keep up with the numerous assignments that you are assigned, but it is important to complete them in a timely manner. Almost all assignments seem to be essays, which works well in your favor. An essay helps you prove to the teacher that you have actually understood what has been taught in class.

By submitting an essay that is well-researched and well thought out, you will be able to stand out from the rest and be remembered by your professor. This will ultimately help you in your course.

8. Attend the office hours

Professors have office hours for a reason: to help out students. If you feel that you are stuck in any portion of the course, or need some extra help to understand a concept explained in class, do not be afraid to attend the office hours. This will help you gain some one on one time with your professor, and allow you to clear your doubts. Ultimately, it will also help you professors get to know you more which is an added bonus.

9. Meet up with your academic adviser

An academic advisor helps you to organize your classes, plan out your coursework, decide on your major and minor (if you haven’t already) and ultimately makes you feel a little less overwhelmed. This person is crucial to your college life, and it is important that you meet up with them often. Not only to help organize your coursework but also to see whether they are able to click with you; if not, don’t hesitate to ask for a different adviser who will be better suited to your needs.

New College Student

10. Keep in touch with your friends and family

It is easy to get drowned in coursework and other assignments, but make sure that you call back home once or twice a week. This will ultimately help you feel a little less homesick and lift your spirits. It will also help you take some time off from work and act as a stress reliever during a busy week.

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