How to Get Admission in Your Favorite College

Going to college is necessary to be able to live the life that you want to lead. However, after so many tedious years of education, the four years at college may not seem that attractive to you.

You should try to look ahead – beyond high school and concentrate on trying to get into your favorite college. The admission officers assess all your high school grades; various test scores, quality of your essay writing For example, if the quality is as high as essays from One Day Essay, it increases your chances a lot.

Co-curricular activities, as well as recommendations, also play an important role. There are various ways by which you can increase your chances of getting into the college of dreams. So, with proper guidance and hard work you will surely have a shot at getting admission into your favorite college.

Here are 12 ways by which you can get admission into your favorite college

  1. Begin preparations earlier than you think you should: The optimum time to begin thinking about college applications is in middle school. Starting at that stage gives one the opportunity to plan out the best courses to take as preparation for college. It also lets you maintain or increase your grades as well as take part in various co-curricular activities which add to your college application.
  2. Knowing who you are: It is very important to know who you are as a person, what you aspire to be, your goals and ambitions. If you are not sure about these things then it will not translate into your application and your distinctive properties will not be known to them. A great way to start is to create a resume that contains all your accomplishments as well as all the activities you have participated in and all the experience that you have garnered.
  3. Help from guidance counselor and teachers: School guidance counselors can help out with information regarding the selection of courses, standardized tests and college fairs that are taking place. Talking to the teachers regarding your favorite subjects can help you out regarding the selection of majors and which colleges are best in that subject. Requesting them for recommendation letters is a must as it adds to your application.
  4. Practice taking the standardized tests and take rigorous classes: You should practice taking both the SAT and the ACT. This will help you to become familiar with these exams. Taking both will increase chances of admission as colleges accept either of the test scores. Taking classes like college prep, AP classes and International Baccalaureate classes also help in the admission procedure.
  5. Join clubs or student organizations: Joining in these clubs will help you to project your leadership potential which is something that the campus admission officers look for in prospective students.
  6. Research about the colleges: Know what you want to study and then shortlist the number of colleges that are best for them. This will reduce your workload and also let you keep backup options. Knowing about a particular college will also help you to write essays that are targeted towards that college which will increase your chances of getting admission.
  7. Visit college fairs: researching about colleges from the college website or from books is helpful. However, visiting college fairs gives you the first-hand experience as you meet admission counselors as well as get unique insights into the admission procedure which you won’t be able to get from the websites. It also helps you to create a great first impression.
  8. Apply as early as possible: Start writing your application forms as early as possible. Many students leave it till the last minute and then have to rush through them in December of their senior year of high school. You should even consider applying for early admissions, the deadlines of which are in November if you have a particular favorite college.
  9. An appropriate amount of materials should be sent along with applications: Sending in too many materials means that they will never get reviewed while sending in too few means that someone with more may get preference over you. Thus, sending in the correct number is of utmost importance –to show that you are good at that college.
  10. Take the help of the internet and social media: You can follow the colleges on social media like Facebook and Twitter. You should perfect your social media profile to project yourself better as many colleges check your social media accounts. You can also know about the life on campus from current students as well as interact with faculty members on social media sites like Quora where many well-known academicians regularly hold Q&A sessions.
  11. Write proper college application essays: Spending adequate time in developing the essays is important. You should create drafts and make changes wherever necessary. The essay is the way the admission officers get to know you. One personal essay is a necessity for all colleges. Through the essay, you can convey your personality across as well as show why you are a good fit for the school. The essay should be engaging and extremely well-written. You can even ask your teachers or family members to review them before you send them in. There is also professional essay writing services that you can avail that can give you best chance of turning in an essay worthy of getting you into the college of your dreams.
  12. Prepare for interviews: Go over your essays as well as on information specific to that college. You should appear friendly and speak articulately. You should be in professional attire. Sending thank you notes or e-mails that express that you are interested in joining their college after the interview also helps in the admission procedure.

Thus, we can see that getting into your dream college depends on a variety of factors which includes great academic performance along with being able to make the best case for you in your essay and application. The whole process may seem overwhelming but if you start early, work hard and take into account the advice of your teachers and family members then there is nothing stopping you from getting into your favorite college.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM &, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.