Top 10 Best Payment Gateways for Your e-Commerce Website

Whether you own the best idea for your business or your e-commerce website runs smoothly, if you cannot deliver easily accessible transaction experience to your customer, then you will not achieve the ROI goals and will have to face a major setback at the same time. Payment gateways ensure that you get hassle-free and secure payments which in turn generates trustworthiness among customers of your e-commerce website.

Basically, payment gateways are an element of the e-commerce that permits the customer to pay via debit or credit cards or sometimes through e-wallets using internet transaction methods. A good payment gateway depends on many factors but synchronized payment options, timely leading to different pages and being user-friendly are some of the basic requirements that are quite essential. Sometimes, even the server becomes a challenge to generate smooth gateways for the payment.

Online Payments

Here, we have listed down the top 10 payment gateways that have gained quite a popularity in India over the past years. They are most trusted, innovative and support most of the online payment modes that customers use. Take a look!

1. Instamojo

One of the biggest network in India for multi payments controls more than 2,00,000 small businesses. It has been recently launched in 2012 but has grown rapidly because of its easily accessible mode. It initially started with collecting payments for the digital items but with an increasing amount of users, it later expanded its territory to collect for tickets, ebooks, invoices, tutorials and much more.

The best thing about Instamojo is 2 minutes set up without any fee. The same reason makes it stand apart among all other payment gateways. It does not require any annual maintenance cost and exhibits simple APIs. Due to its social integration, you can collect payments by using links through SMS, Whatsapp, Twitter or Facebook.

Instamojo Payments

2. CC Avenue

One of the oldest yet the only payment gateway to offer a complete payment solution. It focusses on user accessibility and serves a spectrum of options for internet payment. CC Avenue offers more than 200 payment choices including payments through debit and credit cards.

While set up is free, only a small amount of annual maintenance fee is required to get on with it. It is one of the most reliable payment gateways that partners with a large volume of e-commerce websites.

CC Avenue Payment Gateway

3. Direcpay

An integrated payment gateway that provides easy and convenient options for startup companies or someone who is running e-commerce websites to expand the online business.

It accepts from credit card to debit card and even has an option for Net banking and mobile payments. It does not require set up fee initially and the annual maintenance charge is zero. Once the verification is done, within 5 to 6 days after applying you can easily start the transaction process. Its application is user accessible and supports Android and iOS mobile phones.


4. PayPal

Not only one of the best gateway for payments in India but all over the world. With more than 200 million accounts and e-commerce website associated with this e-wallet. This payment gateway accepts up to 100 currencies from around the globe and almost faces 8 million payments and transactions every day.

paypal payments

5. Google Pay

Formerly known as Google wallet or Tez is an online payment system using a digital wallet. it offers in-app purchases on all operating system. This payment gateway was introduced in 2011 and has seen many positive changes over time. It also supports UPI payment and offers customers an easy checkout or transaction process. You can accept money through Gmail attachments also. Since every individual has moved to mobile, Google pay has proved to be the secure payment gateway for any e-commerce website.

Google Pay

6. PayUMoney

A payment gateway that heavily promotes payment services for small business and firms. However, it has gained popularity among leading e-commerce website too over the years. PayUMoney is termed as the consumer brand of PayU India. It offers a wallet solution for both consumers and small e-commerce business that accepts payment.

PayU India is under the flagship of the Naspers group – a $25 Billion company that runs a mixture of media and internet simultaneously. Its setup fee is zero and no annual maintenance fee is charged. A transaction fee of just 2% is charged from the customers.

PayUMoney Payment Gateway

7. MobiKwik

This payment gateway was launched in 2015 and acquires merchants of more than 600 who are happy and satisfied with its service. It is not only used by small e-commerce websites but also other large e-commerce businesses. It is reliable and promotes user-friendly interface to let customer experience easy transactions. For a user, it takes up to 2 days to set up the account. Compatible with all operating system, i.e., iOS, Android and Windows. It can be used as a digital wallet too because of its high-level security.

mobikwik payment gateway

8. PayTM

This payment gateway laid its foundation in 2010 and became one of the largest online payment in India. It allows the user to make both online and offline transactions in mobile. It acts as a digital wallet too so that you do not have to face any problem for small or large payments in any area. Today, it has all the options to add money in the wallet including direct payment through UPI Id.

More than 6 million merchants have associated themselves with this payment gateway and are flourishing in their fields. It does not cost and setup charges or annual maintenance which makes it a smart startup plan for newcomers.

Paytm Payment Gateway

9. Razorpay

This payment gateway is relatively new among all others yet making itself to the top 10 list is another achievement. It is under the flagship of Silicon Valley and was founded by alumni from IIT Roorkee. This gateway aims to develop the process of online payment more secure. It uses easily accessible integrated APIs which helps the new merchants to make trouble-free transactions and grow their e-commerce business.

RajorPay Payment Gateway

10. Citrus

It is an effective and quick online payment but needs a proper scanned document along with the attested hard copy for onboarding. It’s a UPI application that supports both Android and iOS operating system. You can directly transfer account without any hindrance. All the transactions are secure and acquire protection of level 1. Its set up charge is paid as you go.

Citrus Pay

So from above top 10 list of the best payment gateways, you can choose the one which suits you better. Each and every payment gateway is unique in its own way and offers basic functionalities to help you in making your e-commerce website for the consumers more memorable.

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