Top 10 Essay Writing Tips

Essay writing often gets a bum rap for being a demanding and time-consuming task, a reputation that is mostly undeserved. The predicament is not that it is demanding, time consuming and frustrating. But rather than most writers don’t have the necessary skills and know how to create valuable ones.

And while the internet contains a lot of advice on how to write articles, most of the information isn’t helpful. In this essay writing guide, we are going to walk you through ten essay writing tips that you should have at your fingertips to help you write excellent essays.

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Top 10 Essay Writing Skills that Every Content Creator Needs to Have

Prepare an Outline

An outline is like a road map of the essay. It helps you organize and plan what you are going to talk about in a way that makes sense. You can do a general outline just showing what comes after what or you can do a more advanced outline including the subheadings that you want about to talk. Remember, a useful framework saves you time. To make sure that it is comprehensive and comprehensive.

Create a Thesis Statement

Once you have prepared the outline, the next thing you need to do is create a thesis statement. Make it clear and concise so that the reader understands the purpose of the essay.


The other integral bit of essay writing is carrying out extensive research. Here, you will need to be critical and thorough and try providing logic and facts on the topic. Remember, proper research, will help you create a more reliable piece of writing. When you do research, you can get help from professional essay writer service on EssayPro.

Write a Clear Introduction

The introduction bit orients the reader and stirs up their interest to entice them to read the rest of the essay. However, it has to be carefully thought out to avoid giving away too much information about the rest of the text. Here are some tips to help you write a better introduction.

  • Be brief.
  • Be specific.
  • Appeal to the reader’s emotions. According to a study done by Harvard, we make decisions based on our feelings.
  • Keep your first sentence short. Short sentences boost content readability by 58%.

Use Transitions between Paragraphs

How you transition between paragraphs is essential because it helps make your essay smooth and coherent. Using transformations when moving between sections also helps bridge the gap between parts and gives the piece a nice flow.

Write a Solid Conclusion

The conclusion wraps up what you have been talking about throughout the essay. It summarizes all your research and provides a meaningful answer to the question posed. It also includes a call to action and a recommendation where need be.

Revise Your Work

Although revising the essay is not necessarily part of writing, it is an important factor nonetheless. It helps you detect any grammatical errors and typos and identify any word or phrase you might have left out.

Be Direct and Comprehensive

Apart from providing the reader with valuable information, part of the reason why you are writing the essay is so that you can educate the reader on the topic. To ensure that you achieve this, you have to cover the issue as comprehensively as possible. You need to ensure that the essay provides enough information to answer any questions the reader may have. That can include giving descriptions and definitions as well as explaining concepts that seem hard to understand.

Provide Evidence for all Your Text

Very closely tied to research, is backing up the essay with evidence. While the piece ought to resonate with the reader, it is also supposed to be factual and logical too. Always ensure you provide proof for all data, and ideas included in the text.

Avoid Writing Lengthy Paragraphs

Finally, be mindful of the essay writing format. The format basics include writing short, concise paragraphs and the overall structure of the essay. That will help the reader to quickly perceive individual pieces of information and improve the readability of the fragment.


In conclusion, writing is an art. You will need to have the necessary essay writing skills to come up with valuable essays every time. With these ten essay writing tips, you will be able to write better articles effortlessly.

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