Top 10 Pilot Schools & Aviation Colleges in the USA

Man has always longed to fly like the birds and in the 20th Century, his dream has come true. At present days aviation has a more upgraded concept than previous periods that refers to the development of the operating system of the aircraft along with a lot of advanced features of the same.

Therefore, the industry requires a large number of assorted skilled professionals, engineers, mechanics, air traffic controllers, airport managers, and of course a large group of expert pilots to enrich their efficiency. Aviation ensures impressive employment prospects for skilled people and also offers a competitive salary scale.

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According to reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2019 to 2029 the chances of job growth for the airline and commercial pilots would grow up to 5% to 7% which is pretty much high than the average rate of employment growth in the USA. 

Therefore, because of the ingrowing career opportunity in the field of aviation, a large number of students are showing their interest in the different domains of aviation. There are a lot of pilot schools and aviation colleges in the USA that provides flight training and aviation education along with the scope of specialization to get better outcomes.

To grow the interest in the students in aviation as well as becoming pilots, airlines also started providing aviation education in collaboration with different pilot schools and aviation colleges. They also arranged scholarships for the best students and offered them jobs directly after graduating. 

In this article, we will list up such top pilot schools and aviation colleges that are best in the USA. So, let’s dive in:

1. Ohio State University

Ohio State University is a major and one of the largest aviation universities headquartered in Columbus. This university serves more than 61,000 candidates per annum. OSU provides students both bachelor of arts and bachelor of science in aviation courses. Their motto is to make the students learn how to administer, design, and operate aviation systems both on a domestic and cross-country basis.

The university offers eight core aviation courses that cover the topics of aviation management and marketing, aircraft performance and weather, aircraft communication, aviation human factors and safety, aviation regulations, etc.

2. Purdue University

Purdue University is a well-known university situated in West Lafayette, Indiana, and popular as the best aviation university. The university offers more than 10 aviation courses at all academic levels that emphasize the contemporary concepts of aviation technology and how to apply them with maximum safety, maintaining quality, and preserving their sustainability.

The university serves seven different major degrees at the undergraduate level and includes a master’s in aviation and aerospace management, Ph.D. in aviation technology, and a certification program course in aviation safety management for the postgraduate candidates

3. Sinclair Community College

Sinclair community college is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. This flight school offers bachelor’s degrees along with several associate degree courses and technical certification program courses.

Sinclair holds a partnership with a major regional pilot training company, First Flight Aviation, and also has collaboration with a Dayton-based American Airlines subsidiary. The motive of these special additions is to prepare the students for different professional roles like pilot, mechanic, aviation manager, unmanned aerial systems operators, etc.

4. Orange Coast College

As one of the largest aviation colleges in California, Orange coast college enrolls more than 21,000 students every year. This college offers several professional certification program courses, associate science degree courses along various aviation science programs.

The students of OCC are trained in advanced practical flight labs and become eligible to work as professional pilots in different industries, commercial airlines including government emergency transport, law enforcement, etc.

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5. Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech Community college is based in Indianapolis and offers two years of main degree courses education in four major fields of aviation like aviation management, aviation maintenance, flight technology, and aviation manufacturing.

ITCC also offers different types of associate degree courses and certification courses that include technical and workforce certification program courses.

6. Community College of Allegheny County

Community College is known as the best aviation college in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The college offers the candidates three major aviation programs and also includes an associate science course in aviation technology, a private pilot certification course, and an associate science course in aviation management.

These courses train the students of CCAC for different mainstream aviation-related professional roles.

7. Western Michigan University

Western Michigan University is one of the best universities in Michigan. This university’s main campus, situated in Kalamazoo, enrolls more than 21,000 students annually. WMU is accredited by Aviation Accreditation  Board and offers students industry-standard practice training in aviation.

Students of WMU can choose their desired course from the university’s three provided specializations, say: aviation technical operations, aviation management, and aviation flight science

To boost the students’ selection process in the professional field the university arranges practical training programs at W.K.Kellogg airport in Battle Creek which is the state’s second-largest runway. Moreover, students are allowed to pursue elective courses offered by the university, named certified flight instructor, floatplane rating, jet equivalency training, etc.

8. Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green State University is headquartered in Ohio. Since the beginning of 1978, Bowling Green State University is giving education to interested candidates in aviation by offering them different aviation training and degrees in order to make them aviation professionals and commercial pilots.

The university has several aviation-related bachelor degrees with two specializations, such as aviation management and operations and the other is flight technology and operations. The university encourages the students to enhance their skills in the field of aviation technology and make the students expert for the posts like airport manager, airline pilots, airfield specialist, aviation consultant, etc.

They also teach the students to focus on the business side of the aviation industry that might include aviation law, aviation planning, and design, economical factors, etc. 

9. University of Alaska Anchorage

The University of Alaska Anchorage is one of the major public colleges of Alaska city. This university provides admission to more than 17,500 students per annum. The education system of the university offers different types of aviation degrees and certification program courses in aviation management, air traffic control, professional piloting, aviation maintenance technology, etc.

University of Alaska Anchorage

Additionally, the aviation management program includes both associate and bachelor degrees on the same and makes the students prepared for various administrative and managerial roles to absorb. The university pays special attention to grow the students’ technical, managerial, organizational as well as human relation skills that would be helpful for them while handling mainstream aviation operations.

They also offer professional training and both associate and bachelor degrees to the students that are preparing to crack the pilot examination for becoming professional pilots of the passenger airlines. This program prepares the bachelor degree students to become commercially certified pilots for both single and multiple engine aircraft.

10. Utah State University

Based in Utah, USU is popular as the best aviation school in the state and enrolls more than 27,000 students per annum in its main university campus at Logan.

The university provides two different professional pilot programs, several flight programs and also includes bachelor degrees in professional fixed-wing pilot, aircraft maintenance management, professional helicopter pilots, etc.

Undergraduates are privileged to pair both minor and major aviation programs courses alongside. USU also offers postgraduate master’s degree courses to interested candidates.


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