A CBD Oil Lifestyle

There are many ways to incorporate a new ingredient into your lifestyle, diet, and even into your family meal plans without them being any the wiser. So if you are a budding chef who is always watching those cooking shows in the mornings while folding the clean laundry, then CBD is for you.

It is highly versatile and one of the main contributing factors that makes it so sought after. It can, and is, produced into many forms. This way it is suited for all ages, demographics, and can be used for pets’ as well, but that’s a tale for another day.

Let’s look at how customers have added CBD into their lives, for themselves, their children, and how it can be adapted to the situation or events that might be happening

CBD forms

As mentioned there are a few ways in which you can take CBD, we will discuss the most popular options that are successfully used worldwide, and once you have a better understanding of each you can decide on which you would prefer to use.

  • Oil. By far the most used variety, you can use CBD oil in your cooking, baking, and a great way as you head to the gym first thing in the morning is to add a few drops to your shake. You get the vitamins and essential nutrients you need all the while keeping active and fit as you complete your spin class or cardio training. Win-win.
  • We are not all as comfortable or knowledgeable when it comes to new products, especially if it is related to the marijuana family such as CBD – more on that to come. So a Cannabidiol-infused cream to simply rub into the skin works perfectly and easily. No-fuss, no dosage measuring although due to these aspects not as strong in concentration.
  • Liquid forms are available for smokers who use a vape pen, this way it is quick to have a few puffs as needed or when a stressful situation is coming up or your deadlines are being reviewed. Calming the nerves and taking a breather helps to de-stress.
  • This version has taken the world by storm with kitchen and cooking enthusiasts trying their hand at all sorts of creations. Brownies and baked goods to gummies and jellies set in the fridge, there is something for all palates.

There are new and innovative recipes being posted on social media and platforms daily with chefs and home cooks experimenting on personalized ways to add CBD into their lifestyles and diets.

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The positives of CBD

The health benefits have far outweighed any negativity that tends to come with new products or ingredients, some more effective than others, and dependent on the issue but it is an organic plant that is taking the world by storm and doesn’t look like it will be stopping anytime soon.

Aiding in the significant reduction and in most cases elimination of epileptic seizures it has given adults and children a new lease on life and the quality they deserve. Regulating and maintaining the pulses sent to and from the brain and the neuro system the overload and burst of pulses, that essentially cause a seizure to erupt, now rather maintain homeostasis and the need for harsh chemically filled medicinal products are no longer.

One of the main side-effects of Cannabidiol noted by users is that the pain, and inflammation associated with it, seems to be a thing of the past, no more waking up with stiff joints and an aching back.

This naturally grown plant is helping change lives more than we realize and if the success stories (see a short video about it here) are anything to go by then the future is looking promising for the use of organic and natural ingredients as opposed to the harsh over the counter prescriptions we know of today.

If you have tried everything else and the results are not what you expected, not as effective as you had hoped for, or there was no change then CBD could be the answer you have been waiting for

A final thought

We are always looking to be more active, to live a fitter, healthier lifestyle and we can’t do this if we are in constant pain, using CBD could be the solution to those joint seizures and the end to the routine morning pain tablet you have with your cup of tea.

The body soon becomes accustomed to the pain medication, this either ends up being ineffective or you need to increase the dosage which starts the cycle all over again until the body again learns to fight against it again.

Humans have been using nature as its apothecary for years dating back centuries with this humble plant treating gout in Chinese Emperors to menstrual cramps in English royals. There is something for everyone, and if you aren’t keen on swallowing capsules, or have no time to whip up a CBD traybake, then infusing and stirring it into your pot of tea is easy and hassle-free.

We have one life to live and if it means using CBD and living it pain-free then what have you got to lose? Try it on a trial basis and enjoy the positives of this all-natural medical flower.

Ranbeer Maver is a Computer Science undergraduate. He's a geek who embraces any new consumer technology with inhuman enthusiasm.