Top Educational Apps for College Students

Present-day students are moving faster than students even a few decades before. The 21st-century college students have access to the latest technologies that make the learning process simpler, and undergrads having some high results are beholden to educational apps. We have prepared a set of top apps for studying that experienced students recommend having on your devices.

College Education More Fun

Khan Academy

You might have heard about a non-commercial organization that exists with private donations and whose goal is to provide full and free access to a world-class education. Now you can gain knowledge using an easy-to-use app on your mobile phone. Each student works at his own pace, fills the gaps in material comprehension, and enhances his knowledge.


You can develop your skills with online courses, certifications, and degree programs from the world’s top universities and companies. Just sign up for the program you are interested in, learn at any convenient time, get a diploma, and use gained knowledge to improve your career.


CliffsNotes is a true lifesaver if you are short of time and have a bunch of must-read books. The app includes thousands of literature notes like book summaries, test preparation samples for high school and college, and study guides. When you have to go through assigned literature over a short period and get brief and vital information, pick up CliffsNotes and be one of the well-read students on your faculty.


This application helps you find interactive cards you need to prepare better, for example, for an exam. If you haven’t found the necessary cards, you can create and share your own ones. You can learn the material twice as fast with the most effective system. All learning content can be synchronized, and you will not lose any valuable information. Whether you are learning any language or preparing for an exam, Brainscape adjusts each word or notion rate of repetition according to the correct intervals for your brain.


If you have ever learned a foreign language, you definitely remember how difficult it could be to find the correct word. The app is based on a huge dictionary that includes a great number of definitions you can use in your daily speech and business meetings. Most users highlight its simple interface and design with lively colors.

Chegg Study

If your professor doesn’t have enough time to help you find solutions to your tasks, you can use 24/7 homework help. Chegg Study includes step-by-step solutions to thousands of various tasks on any subject, including videos with instructions. And if you couldn’t find the right answer to your problem, you can take a picture and sent it to Chegg’s experts to get some help. You will be amazed at how promptly they respond to your requests!

Wolfram Alpha

When we need to know the exact answer to our question, we got used to googling this problem. Unfortunately, a search engine can’t answer as accurately as possible, because it only displays a list of pages with the mentioned words or numbers. Wolfram Alpha was developed to satisfy the needs of the most curious students. It provides an accurate answer to the question asked. The volume and accuracy of the information provided on a particular request impress by its accuracy.


Lots of us are sure that to learn to speak a foreign language fluently, you need to go to the country where this language is spoken regularly as classes with non-natives aren’t so efficient. Of course, it’s up to you to pick up the way you will master a language. But if you have always dreamed of learning a foreign with a native speaker, the iTalki app is all you need. The app connects students and teachers from all over the world. You can find a good native teacher and a personal instructor who will get you acquainted with his country’s culture.


When you work on a research paper, you need to manage a lot of different sources you used to write this academic paper. Of course, you might not be into that complicated stuff and just ask academic paper writers, “Could you write my paper for cheap?” but if you have already started it, you will want to get your job done and see your results. Zotero helps you systematize all literature used in your work as the app keeps track of your web pages and books. Besides, it generates a bibliography in any format you like.


Do you need a tool that not only notices mistakes but also helps you learn from them to improve your English? Grammarly is a fantastic service to check your writing. It can get into the context of your sentences and identify even the most minor mistakes. The app checks your text when you type and highlights any errors in red. You will also see a red circle with the number of mistakes made in the app text window.

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