Top Unmissable Features to Look for in Smartphones 

A mobile phone was once merely a device used to make calls, but today, it can outdo a basic computer. Modern mobile phones sport a wide array of features and what seemed irrelevant at one time, like battery life, is now of great importance. We can’t get over photos, videos and even the live photos we have stored in our smartphones that bring back cherish moments in just a tap. You can also learn how to make a video a live photo and get more exciting results. 

Moreover, mobile phone manufacturers such as OPPO and Vivo have revolutionised the smartphone space by offering top-quality cameras equipped with intelligent features that enhance output. In this world of limitless options, getting the right mobile phone can be difficult, so to make the right choice, it’s important that you examine certain features. 

Take a look at what they are and what you shouldn’t compromise on when buying a new smartphone.

Superior battery size

Battery size was never a consideration for phone users until the advent of smartphones. However, with intensive applications, added features and an increase in the time spent on a mobile phone, a high-power battery is now a necessity. Depending on your usage you should look for a battery capacity of 4000–5000mAh. A robust battery pack ensures that you can go on single charge for a long time and if you want to avoid being tied down to a charger for extended hours, consider a 6000mAh phone like the Asus ROG Phone II.

Fast-charging capabilities

Smartphones require a lot of power to function and so, your device’s battery is sure to drain out sooner or later. In the absence of fast-charging capabilities, the only way for you to speed up the recharging process is to switch off your device or put it on flight mode while it charges. This, however, can be very inconvenient, especially if you rely on your phone for business tasks. Today, phones with fast-charging support provide you with unimaginable recharge speeds. For instance, if you go in for F9, an OPPO phone, you are assured about 2 hours of talk time after a 5-minute charge. So, as you consider your next phone lookout for 15–20W fast-charging support to ensure minimal downtime. 

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In-display fingerprint scanner

The in-display fingerprint scanner was a trending feature in 2018 and a selling-point for many mobile phone manufacturers. This continues to be an attractive feature even in 2019. An in-display scanner not only clears the clutter on the back of the phone, but also offers you a full-screen display. Moreover, it removes the need for you to lift your phone every time you want to unlock your it, and lets you enjoy a great deal of security without compromising on the time it takes to unlock your phone.

Multiple high-quality cameras

Dual camera phones, with one rear and one selfie lens, seemed like a revolution back in the day, but today, manufacturers equip devices with triple- and quad-camera rear configurations. Further, these are very often high-resolution lenses, which means that you can enjoy various focal lengths and perspectives, enhanced zoom capabilities and a host of modes and effects when you pick an advanced camera phone. Similarly, mobile phone manufacturers are adding multiple front cameras with the intention of providing top-quality selfies and portrait effects. For instance, Google Pixel 3 has a dual selfie shooter in the front to deliver wide-angled selfies, ideal for group shots. In addition to this, manufacturers tend to back the hardware with intelligent software, so look into the AI features offered by the device as this contributes to the overall photography experience.

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Ranbeer Maver is a Computer Science undergraduate. He's a geek who embraces any new consumer technology with inhuman enthusiasm.