Top Gaming Platforms for 2022

Our online world in 2022 is a true smorgasbord of entertainment and diversion. Take gaming for instance – on Apple’s app store alone one can partake in any one of an astounding 900,000+ games. With so much choice, it can be easy to get lost in the reeds though. Below we’ve compiled a handy guide of the most compelling and entertaining gaming platforms out there at the moment. Whether you’re looking for Triple A titles or the next Wordle, these services have got you covered.


Cloud Gaming is a Thing

It’s 2022 and you’re currently digesting the latest slew of tech buzzwords, from Metaverse to NFT. One term that you’re probably familiar with by now though is the cloud. Nowadays the majority of our photos and documents are stored on remote servers. This offers many advantages to keeping things on your local hardware, such as circumventing loss of data in the event of damage or theft of your beloved smartphone. We also increasingly consume entertainment via cloud streaming services, from Netflix to Spotify, swapping our bulky CD and DVD collections for endless gigabytes of content. Now you can even play games on the cloud. Platforms like Google Stadia and Xbox Cloud Gaming offer an unprecedented paradigm shift for gamers, as you no longer need a bulky gaming PC or expensive PlayStation to access blockbuster titles. These services stream them to a device of your choosing, even your smartphone, meaning you can play Halo: Infinite on the bus, if you want.

Don your Tuxedo

Everyone needs to inject a bit of class into their gaming every once in a while, and nothing speaks to glamour like the casino. Fortunately for us, there are now a range of super comprehensive online casinos that can go toe to toe with anything you’ll find on the Las Vegas Strip. PokerStars Casino, for instance, hosts a range of classic experiences, all of which are given a new breath of life in cutting edge online renditions. With critically acclaimed slot titles rubbing shoulders with table staples such as blackjack and its different variants, including classic, premium and high roller, there is a wide spectrum of gaming options to suit even the most demanding fans. What’s more, the platform hosts live dealer rooms for added immersion and the chance to connect with like-minded players.

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Kick it Retro

Like all vintage concerns, retro gaming is having a moment in the spotlight as millennials across the country get dewy eyed reminiscing about pixels and chiptunes. There are a host of great ways to play retro games nowadays, but perhaps the most compelling and simple is via Plex Arcade. Plex is a multimedia streaming client that recently teamed up with Atari to launch Plex Arcade, its vintage gaming library bolt-on. For a small subscription fee you can plug and play hundreds of classic Atari titles. It also serves as a robust emulator, letting you load up any ROM of your choosing.

Apple A La Carte

Mobile gaming has quietly grown up to become a compelling prospect in of itself. Gone are the days when the cream of the crop amounted to Fruit Ninja or Angry Birds. As smartphone tech has become more powerful, and games developers have begun to direct more energy and attention towards the sector, truly impressive new games are beginning to populate the space. Apple, looking to curate its voluminous registry of Flappy Bird clones, recently launched Apple Arcade. Simply put, Apple Arcade is a subscription service that, for a nominal monthly fee, gives you unlimited access to a hand chosen selection of the finest games on the app store. At present there are around 100 titles available for the service with more being added all the time. A bonus to Apple Arcade is that the games can be shared across all Apple devices in your network, from your iPad Pro to Apple TV, meaning you can enjoy your mobile favourites on the big screen.


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