Cloud Gaming 101: How is Cloud Gaming the Future to Gaming World

We are are totally aware of online games, offline games, PC Games, Android Games, Multiplayer Games and several other types of games that we play in our digital devices. In the recent years, a new technology “Cloud Gaming” arrived  and from starting of 2018, it has become a popular fuzz in market which every second gamer is talking about. But what exactly is cloud gaming? How it is going to change the gaming industry? And, most importantly, how it is going to benefit us as a gamer?

Curious to know? Then read below as we have provided every important details that you need to know about cloud gaming.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming, often known as gaming on demand is an online game streaming service that provides its users unperturbed and direct play of games, across various electronic devices. In the present day, there are two types of cloud games: Cloud gaming that is based on online video streaming and Cloud gaming that is based on file streaming.

Cloud gaming that is based on online video streaming

Cloud gaming allows uninterrupted and immediate video streaming of games into various devices such as mobiles, personal computers, and consoles. It does this through the use of a computer that establishes a connection with server-based computing systems, also known as a thin client. The original game is stored and executed on remote operators or the company’s prime game server, and the results are directly streamed into the end user’s computer over the internet.

This type of cloud gaming allows easy access to online games without the need of a particular hardware device or console. Thus the capacity of the end user’s device becomes insignificant as he can use a device that is far less powerful than the actual device that is required for playing the original game. The server is the device that does all the processing tasks and controls and other power press buttons are directly transferred to the server. The server, in turn, remembers and records these controls by the end user and sends back the game’s response to these inputs.

Cloud gaming based on online video streaming makes unprecedented use of the broadband services and clustered servers, and encryptions and coding, and compression to stream the game content into the end user’s device. These games can be played without actually downloading or installing them. Game content is not downloaded into the end user’s console and therefore all the code execution is done by the cluster of servers. Most of these games have propriety issues and are mostly closed. This type of online gaming is used by companies such as GeForce Now, PlayKey, PlayGiga, CiiNow, and Gaikar.

Cloud gaming that is based on file streaming

These games are also called progressive downloading games, uses a thin client on which the original game file is run on the subscriber’s device such as mobile or PC or a console. A very insignificant part of the game, usually five percent of the whole game, is downloaded in the initial time. This allows the gamer to have quick access to the game. The rest of the game is downloaded while the game is being played by the gamer.

This whole process allows end users to play the game without much lag even in slower networks. It provides an easy way to stream the game content and big analysis. Such gaming requires a hard device that will support the actual game. Often the downloaded game is cached and stored. Companies that use this type of cloud gaming are Kalydo, Approxy, and SprawnApps.

Requirements of online cloud gaming

Cloud gaming is extremely internet dependent and thus your gaming rig would be satisfied only with a stable internet connection. Other than this, there are no other specific requirements of such kind of gaming. Cloud gaming based on video streaming is not dependent on any requirement and does not even require a hardware that would conform to the needs or specifications of a particular game.

Moreover, these games can be played on any device as they are online and require no installation or downloading. File streaming based online games require some specific hardware, however, they can allow playing of games even in slower internet connections without much lag or difficulty.

How is it better?

Why should cloud gaming be preferred over traditional ways of playing games on consoles or personal computers? Here are some of the many important points which makes cloud gaming far superior than pc games:

  • These are online games and therefore do not require any specific computer or mobile to use them. They can be played from any device and thus there is no need to upgrade your system software from time to time just to keep your device in conformity witch game specifications.
  • These require no memory space as these games are neither installed nor downloaded. No amount of game content is stored in the end user’s device and all input controls and game responses are transmitted through server clusters.
  • Cloud games can run on any operating system and therefore makes the gaming experience all the more enjoyable. The advantage of such flexibility is that a gamer can play as many games as he wants without worrying about whether a particular game will be supported by his device.
  • Your system shall never become outdated for a cloud game.
  • These online games provide high-quality graphics than the traditional ways of gaming. These are essential factors that affect the gaming skills of the end user.
  • In case of file stream based cloud gaming, you can rent a hard device that is required for the actual game rather than buying one. Thus gaming becomes all the more cost-efficient.
  • Online gaming is far less worrisome than traditional gaming. Your system will never crash as your antivirus will protect your system while you can play a wide range of games in the same device.
  • Cloud gaming is far more flexible in terms of cost efficiency and quality. These games provide a wider range of time span for their terms and conditions. This makes the gaming experience all the more thrilling and keeps up the spirit of the gamer.

Cloud gaming streaming liquidsky

Features of a few important cloud gaming services

  • Geforce Now: Easy and convenient way to game anytime and anywhere. One account allows gaming across many devices.
  • PlayStation Now: Has a seven-day free trial and these games can be played in PS3 and PS4 and in personal computers as well.
  • Parsec: You can stream games from this service and play them from any device. Allows local multiplayer gaming online.
  • Vortex: Is supported by Mac Operating system, Android and in any personal computer. The vortex library offers a variety of games that can be played from any device, PC or tab, and even mobiles.
  • Liquid Sky: Gamers can have a console gaming experience from any device due to their propriety technology.

Online gaming is far more feasible and an exciting way of playing games than using a console for gaming. They are cost-efficient and require no space in devices thereby not slowing down the device.

Moreover, traditional gaming requires one to buy an expensive PC or any other specific device that will support the said game and requires the system up gradation at regular intervals costing a lot of money. This is the reason that in modern-day gamers have opted for more and more online gaming and the traditional way of playing computer games has almost become obsolete.

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