How to Make Your Friend Happy with Wallpics Photo Tiles Gift Card?

It is really difficult to choose a gift for your friend as you do not want to dishearten him or her. You always try to gift something new but most of the times you fail, as you fall of short of ideas or the thing that you gift your friend turns out to be not of that level as you expected. Keeping this in mind, Wallpics came up with something exciting and special that definitely will make your friend feel special, as with the help of Wallpics Gift Card you give him or her opportunity to enhance the beauty of his or her room.

If you are interested in doing this, then you must take a look at the features of Wallpics and how the Wallpics Gift card can impress your friends. For more information visit

What is Wallpics?

With the passing time things have changed and so are the wall decors. Today, you can find new and stylish decorative items that can improve the looks of your room, but not all are of premium quality. However, this is not true for Wallpics, as this is a wall décor which is not only attractive but is also made of high-quality. Perhaps that is why even Brant Daugherty, the American television actor has embraced it.

Technically, Wallpics are customized wall photo tiles that can be placed on the walls of your home. Being tailor-made, these photos give you a chance to select the photos from your own album and get it processed to become a Wallpic. The size of the photos is 8”x8” square and you can order as many as you want. These photos have a lot of things to offer you and some of these things have been mentioned below:

Wallpics Photo Tiles

It is customized

 Wallpics are customized photos so you get a chance to bring changes in it with respect to your requirements. You are free to choose any photo whether new or old and you will get it processed in a Wallpic. Before you place the order you can select the wall on which you are going to put it. This way the photos will look far better than your expectation.

It is easy to put on the wall

 Wallpics do not need any nail or screw to hang on the walls. You just need to take it out form the box and stick it wherever you want to. This way you are free from doing the tedious task of drilling a hole in the wall and once you stick the photos, it will remain intact on the wall without falling out.

It will never damage the wall

You do not have to worry about the renovation of the wall as Wallpics do not damage the walls of your home. The self-adhesive of these photos can let the photo stick smoothly on the wall and when taken off it will not peel off the wall paint. These customized picture tiles will also not leave any mark when removed. Furthermore, as it is already mentioned that it requires no nail or a screw to hang on the wall so your walls remain free from the mark of the holes.

It can be reused

You can use Wallpics a multiple time and still it will look like new as these photos are designed in such a way that it can be moved around easily. You can take it off from one wall and place it on the other without thinking about the photos getting bad in condition. The sticky substance on the Wallpics will never let it leave any mark on the wall. This way you also become free from the renovation of the wall. You just need to take off Wallpics from the wall on which it is placed and then stick it somewhere else effortlessly. Visit our pages on Facebook and Instagram to see several inspiring examples of interiors decorated with Wallpics.

It is value for money

As Wallpics do not damage your walls and can be used repeatedly so one can say that it is cost-effective in a real sense. You need to pay only $35 for a set of three Wallpics and for each additional photo you have to pay $9. Interestingly, if you are residing in the US then you are also free from paying the shipping cost. You just need to download the wallpics app from Apple iTunes or Play Store and you are ready to place the order. Upload the selected photos on the app and you can place the order by making the payment.

What is Wallpics Gift Card?Wallpics Gift Card

In order to help you in gifting your friends, Wallpics also offer you Wallpics Gift Card, which can be used by anyone to order the customized photos. This is a good gift option as it gives the owner of the card the freedom to select any photo from their album and get it processed into Wallpics. You do not have to worry whether your friend liked the gift or not as the photos will be of their own choice and when he or she will place these snaps in his or her home or office it will certainly help them garner praises from all ends.

Interested? Let’s see how the stars use Wallpics to decorate their homes:


If you are someone who wants to gift his or her friend something memorable then Wallpics is the best option. As aforementioned that the Wallpics are affordable and unique, so when you gift it, you do not feel that you have spent more money and the result is not good. Instead, you get a feeling that you are gifting something special to your friend which he or she will remember you whenever his or her eyes will fall on the customized photos. Therefore, opt for Wallpics Gift card now and make your friend feel loved and cared for by you. You will make your friend smile and feel blessed with this amazing gift.

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