Wantable vs. Stitch Fix: Which Personal Stylist Subscription To Get?

The digital age has transformed shopping, and nowhere is this more evident than in the realm of personal styling. Wantable and Stitch Fix have emerged as titans, offering curated fashion right to your doorstep.

Key Highlights:

  • The Players: While both platforms promise to elevate your style, they cater to varied preferences and pockets.
  • Popularity Meter: With the buzz around personal styling services reaching a crescendo, the debate is heating up: Wantable or Stitch Fix?
  • Unique Offerings: Beyond just clothing, these platforms promise an experience. But which delivers better on that promise?

Deciphering their offerings, understanding user preferences, and pinpointing their value propositions is no small task. As you journey through this article, consider what resonates most with you: the bespoke nature of a boutique or the wide-ranging appeal of a megastore?

Let’s dive in and unravel the intricacies of these two fashion-forward platforms. Whether you’re a style maven or just stepping into the world of online fashion subscriptions, this comparison might just change the way you shop.

Wantable vs Stitch Fix Personal Styling Subscription

1. What is Wantable?

Stepping into the vast art gallery that is the online fashion world, Wantable stands out like a custom artwork amidst a sea of prints. But what makes this brand the preferred canvas for many?

Brushstrokes of Origin:

  • Founded in the heart of Milwaukee in 2012, Wantable started as a small dream and quickly blossomed into a masterpiece. The brainchild of Jalem Getz, this platform pledged to bring personalized fashion to doorsteps.

A Palette of Personalization:

Ever fancied having your style? With Wantable, you’re not just another face in the crowd.

1.1 How many items are in a Wantable box?

  • Remember Sarah from New York? She gleamed unpacking her Wantable box, revealing seven handpicked items. From a sultry off-shoulder top to the sleek athleisure wear, each piece echoed her essence.

1.2 How many outfits come in a Wantable box?

  • Think of it as a tailored art set. While Emma from Texas reveled in three complete outfits for her brunch, gym, and date night, Mike from Florida found the perfect balance with two outfits that spoke his language.

Current Trends? They’re On It:

  • 2022 saw a surge in sustainable fashion, and guess who was riding that wave? Wantable’s “Eco Edit” collection became the talk of the town, merging style with responsibility.

A Masterpiece in The Making:

  • Each box is not just about clothes. It’s about telling a story. Yours. Curated by expert stylists with keen eyes, Wantable crafts an experience, a connection, a chapter in your style journey.

So, as you stand in this vast gallery, pondering over which painting represents you, remember: with Wantable, you’re not picking an artwork; you’re creating one.

Ready to color outside the lines?

2. What is Stitch Fix?

In the bustling bazaar of online fashion, Stitch Fix emerges not just as another stall, but as the grand centerpiece, drawing crowds and whispers. But what’s the story behind its show-stopping allure?

The Tapestry Begins:

  • A brainchild birthed in 2011 by Katrina Lake, Stitch Fix unfurled in San Francisco’s tech alleys, not as just another startup, but as a revolution. A blend of tech and fashion, this service vowed to make personal stylists accessible to all.

Tailored, Not Templated:

The allure of Stitch Fix? Personalization that’s stitched to perfection.

  • 2.1 What age group is Stitch Fix for?
    • From teens like Jake, excitedly unboxing trendy varsity jackets, to professionals like Ava, unwrapping sleek blazers for her board meetings, Stitch Fix is for every age and every style story.
  • 2.2 How to make Stitch Fix cheaper?
    • Clever insider tip: Bundle your choices! Lisa from LA played it smart; by purchasing all five of her items, she slashed 25% off her total. Now that’s a steal, isn’t it?
  • 2.3 How many outfits come in a Stitch Fix box?
    • It’s like receiving a mixtape of your style hits. While Chris from Ohio reveled in two chic outfits, Samantha from Seattle found herself armed with five distinct looks, ready for any occasion.
  • 2.4 How much stuff comes in a Stitch Fix box?
    • Each box is a treasure trove! Five hand-selected pieces await, each curated to resonate, surprise, and delight.

Fashion Forward & Trend-Driven:

  • Remember the neon resurgence of 2022? Stitch Fix was ahead of the curve, delivering those electric blues and radiant yellows before they hit mainstream racks.

More Than Just Threads:

  • Stitch Fix weaves an experience. From the thrill of anticipation as you await your box to the joy of discovery as you unravel your new looks, it’s a journey. Your style, their expertise; it’s a partnership in every thread.

In the grand tapestry of online fashion, Stitch Fix isn’t just a fragment but a standout panel, rich in color and story. So, as you consider your next fashion chapter, ask yourself: Ready for a fix?

3. Difference between Wantable & Stitch Fix

Navigating the fashion realm, two luminaries vie for your attention – Wantable and Stitch Fix. But how do they truly differ, and which resonates with your personal style saga?

A Tale of Two Titans:

  • On one side, we have Wantable, the artist meticulously crafting your style story, brushstroke by brushstroke. On the other, there’s Stitch Fix, the grand curator, showcasing a vast array of styles, waiting to be picked and adored.

Table 1: Wantable vs Stitch Fix at a Glance

Criteria Wantable Stitch Fix
Clothes Selection Process Handpicked by stylists based on your unique style quiz. Algorithm combined with personal stylist insights, based on detailed profile.
Target Age Group Versatile, with a tilt towards younger, trendy audience. Broad appeal, catering to teens, adults, and even professionals.
Price Range Premium selection, offering value at a slightly higher price point. Diverse range, from affordable to high-end brands.
Sizes Offered Extensive, including plus sizes. Ensuring inclusivity. Wide-ranging, from petite to plus, catering to all body types.

Subscriptions & Style:

3.1 Wantable vs Stitch Fix Subscription

  • Wantable is akin to an intimate book club, where every month unfolds a new chapter tailored for you. Stitch Fix? Think of it as a monthly magazine subscription, each edition delivering a curated mix of the latest trends and timeless pieces.

3.2 Is Stitch Fix the best option?

  • While many swear by Stitch Fix’s vast array and spot-on recommendations, others seek the intimate customization of Wantable. Best for who? That’s the real question. Are you seeking a vast panorama or a detailed portrait?

In the Limelight of Latest Trends:

  • Remember when monochromatic palettes dominated 2022’s fall? While Stitch Fix presented it as a must-have trend, Wantable integrated it seamlessly into your personalized collection, making it truly yours.

Unveiling the Value:

  • It’s not just about clothes; it’s about an ethos, an approach, a commitment. Wantable listens, crafts, and refines, whereas Stitch Fix predicts, presents, and perfects.

In the style showdown between these two giants, each offers a unique dance of fabrics, patterns, and experiences. It’s less about which is superior and more about which sings to your soul. So, as you stand at this fashion crossroads, which path beckons you?

4. Which is better: Wantable or Stitch Fix?

In the vast realm of personalized fashion, the duel between Wantable and Stitch Fix stands out, each brandishing its unique flair. But the golden question remains: which one reigns supreme in the sartorial showdown?

Setting the Stage:

  • The arena is vast, with onlookers from all walks of life. Some seek the comfort of familiarity; others crave the thrill of surprise. Into this mix, both contenders stride with confidence. But what sets them apart?

Pros, Cons & Everything In-Between:

  • Both platforms come with their shining armor and vulnerable points. A cloak of detailed personalization drapes Wantable, while Stitch Fix dons a shield of vast variety and popular appeal.

4.1 Wantable vs Stitch Fix User Reviews

  • Real Voices, Real Choices:
    • Megan from Boston gushes about Wantable’s precise fits and seasonal upgrades. Meanwhile, David from Chicago praises Stitch Fix’s hassle-free returns and broad spectrum of brands.
    • “It’s like my stylist read my mind!” exclaimed Lisa after her latest Wantable delivery, while Mark raved, “Stitch Fix introduced me to brands I’d never have tried on my own.”

Price Points & Value Proposition:

  • Let’s not beat around the bush. Budget matters. Wantable’s premium might be a tad steeper, but its meticulous curation often justifies the price tag. Stitch Fix, with its varied palette, offers styles for every pocket, making it a crowd favorite.

Commitment & Flexibility:

  • Subscription models can sometimes feel like a tether, but how do these platforms fare? Wantable allows a pause, allowing life’s curveballs. Stitch Fix, with its no-commitment model, is more like a casual date – no strings attached!

Final Verdict:

  • It’s a close call. With Wantable’s tailored approach, it’s like having a personal stylist on speed dial. With Stitch Fix, it’s a delightful surprise, a broad showcase that rarely misses the mark.

In the end, it’s less about crowning a winner and more about finding the perfect fit for your unique style narrative. So, which resonates with you? The artistry of Wantable or the vast canvas of Stitch Fix? The choice, as they say, is yours. With the courtsey of Crazy Together, I represent you a comprehensive infographic that compare Stitch Fix & Wantable personal styling subscription services. Check it out!

5. Wantable vs Stitch Fix Box

The age of subscription boxes has dawned, and in this radiant horizon, two boxes stand tall – those of Wantable and Stitch Fix. Both tantalize with promises of a curated fashion experience. Yet, what lies inside these boxes, and which one promises a more captivating unboxing moment?

Inside the Box: A First Glance:

  • Picture this: a neatly packaged box arrives at your doorstep. The thrill of unboxing, the anticipation of discovery. Both Wantable and Stitch Fix understand this emotion, yet they each offer a distinct flair.

Content Breakdown:

5.1 What is the average cost of a Wantable box?

  • Digging deep into the fashion vault, Wantable’s box typically ranges between $150 to $200, depending on the chosen items. It’s a premium, yes, but the tailored selections often justify the tag.
  • On the flip side, a Stitch Fix box’s average price dances around the $55 per item mark. Multiply by five, and you’re looking at an average of $275. But remember, buy all, and you snag a 25% discount.

Journey of Curation:

  • For Wantable, it’s akin to a backstage pass. Every piece is chosen after a meticulous screening, ensuring it resonates with your style story.
  • Stitch Fix, meanwhile, feels like attending a fashion show. A mix of algorithmic magic and stylist intuition ensures you get a spread of the season’s best.

Tangible Touches:

  • Unboxing Wantable is like diving into a novel; each item tells a part of your story. Stitch Fix? It’s a glossy magazine; diverse, polished, and ever so trendy.
  • From the quality of packaging to the personalized note that often accompanies, these little touches elevate the unboxing experience.

Size, Fit & Beyond:

  • Both brands prioritize getting the right fit. While Wantable’s deep dive into style preferences ensures snugness, Stitch Fix’s detailed profile and feedback loop constantly refine to achieve that perfect silhouette.

The Experience:

  • With Wantable, it feels like a personal shopping spree, each box echoing your style vibes. Stitch Fix, with its broader array, offers a chance to explore, experiment, and even step out of your comfort zone.

Drawing the curtains on this comparison, the choice boils down to personal preference. Do you fancy a custom-tailored symphony with Wantable, or are you lured by the diverse orchestra of Stitch Fix? In this fashion theatre, the starring role is yours to play.


And there you have it – the grand showdown between Wantable and Stitch Fix. Two giants, each with its flair, battling in the sartorial arena.

The Essence:

  • Personalization at its finest.
  • A curated experience straight to your door.
  • Fashion-forward choices tailored for you.

The Big Question:

  • Wantable or Stitch Fix?
    • One crafts your unique story.
    • The other unveils a world of trends.
    • Both promise a fashion journey like no other.

Consider This:

  • Are you looking for a boutique touch? Go Wantable.
  • Crave broad spectrum styles? Stitch Fix has you covered.

Final Takeaway: The fashion landscape is vast, and while these two stand tall, remember: it’s your style, your story. So, ponder, choose, and stride with confidence. The runway is yours!

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