What To Look For In A Custom Software Development Candidate

There are several key characteristics and qualities to look for in a prospective custom software development job applicant. Interviewing, recruiting, and onboarding software candidates can be a long, overwhelming process. Of course, you need to keep an eye out for the best new team members that will add significant value to your IT squad.

As a programming manager, this allows you to rapidly grow your team with like-minded, passionate software enthusiasts. To help you get started, read on to learn what to look for in a custom software development candidate.

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Strong Communication Skills

First and foremost, prioritize potential software candidates that have strong communication skills. Members of your team must be able to communicate directly, effectively, and clearly. Of course, this extends to both written, verbal, and electronic messages.

Naturally, verbal communication skills will be simple to evaluate during the course of your interview, as well as phone screens. To assess their professional writing skills, ask them to provide formal samples. Definitely, candidates with this skillset build better relationships, promote workplace productivity, and bolster engagement.

Similarly, they are able to build better rapport, enhance professional images, and simplify problem-solving. With these employees on your team, you can avoid interpretation mistakes with huge consequences. Certainly, strong communication skills are a core quality to look for in the best development candidates.

Expansive Tolls Knowledge

Next, look for experienced software candidates that have an expansive knowledge of the best development tools and resources. At a minimum, potential team members should be well versed in container registries, integrated development environments (IDEs), and DevOps pipelines.

Using a DevOps pipeline, you can ship updates faster and automate everything from code to deployment. This way, you can streamline product delivery, issue resolution, and innovation throughout your pipeline. Of course, this will help better resource utilization, simplify issue resolution, and promote operating system (OS) stability.

Clearly, this can inspire visibility, scalability, and availability across your SDLC. Surely, hire experienced software candidates with an expansive knowledge of powerful programming tools.

Expert Problem Solvers

Now, focus on choosing a software development candidate that is an expert problem solver. Effective problem solving and troubleshooting is at the heart of computer science (CS). Of course, developers are constantly searching for comprehensive solutions to solve complex problems at hand.

Then, they must understand how to translate this solution into a readable computer language. Hiring a proficient troubleshooter, you can drive perseverance, endurance, and persistence throughout your pipeline.

Of course, these skills demonstrate a candidate’s resilience, creativity, and determination competencies. Indeed, the best potential software development applicants are all great problem solvers.

Programming Languages

Of course, the best software development potential hires will be fluent in multiple programming languages. The best candidates will likely understand several popular frameworks such as Python, JavaScript, and C++. If your team builds software products for iOS, macOS, or watchOS platforms, look for an applicant that knows how to write in Swift.

Android development companies, on the other hand, should search for candidates that are proficient in Kotlin. Some interviewees may be well-versed in a specific style of coding language, such as object-oriented or functional frameworks.

Understanding their capabilities, you can choose a competent developer that is versatile, flexible, and agile. Absolutely, programming languages are a critical quality to look for in custom software development candidates.

Development Methodologies

Naturally, the best development applicants are also knowledgeable in multiple programming methodologies. Currently, some of the most popular development frameworks are DevOps, agile, and waterfall. In addition, your prospective candidate should understand building in rapid application development (RAD), spiral, and extreme programming (XP).

More versatile programmers should also be capable of engineering software using scrum, lean, or features-driven development principles. Understanding these innovative build architectures, you can deploy stable systems, deliver better estimates, and keep key stakeholders informed with the process.

Of course, this helps you identify potential errors early-on, and reserve time for making corrections. Definitely, multiple development methodologies are a key trait to look for in the best software development applicants.

There are plenty of diverse skillsets, qualities, and capabilities to look for in the right software development candidate. First off, look for applicants with strong written, verbal, and nonverbal communication skills. Next, employ a knowledgeable developer that clearly understands the best programming tools.

Now, focus on an applicant who is a competent problem solver and troubleshooter. Of course, your applicant should also be expert in numerous programming languages. Naturally, they should additionally understand multiple popular development methodologies. Follow the points highlighted above to learn what to look for in a custom software development candidate.

After working 5 years as a Software Analyst in reputed MNC, Rebecca decided to settle down and work from home. Having an expertise in business & being a life motivator, she loves to share similar stuff on our website by the means of her articles.