Why the French Lotto offers Great Ways to Win

These days it is easier than ever to grab a slice of the action and experience the excitement of lotto around the world, all from the comfort of your own home, through your laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

There’s a whole host of possibilities out there and, while many enjoy betting on games of chance in their own country, more and more people are discovering opportunities online to try something new. One game growing in popularity is the French Lotto, and it is easy to see why so many people love to play it. With this in mind, here are some of the reasons why it is such a popular choice.

Paris Eiffel Tower

The French Lotto is held three times every week, which means the pay-out and available prize pot grows quicker than many other lotteries. The game also offers more ways to win than many of the world’s most popular variants.

The French Lotto offers nine different routes to success and it certainly is the case that many bettors get the most enjoyment from the number of smaller prizes that are available, rather than the chance of winning the biggest pay-out.

In a recent draw, more than 500,000 players won the equivalent of around R35, while a further 300,000 won the equivalent of just over R60. To win the highest pay-out, you must match five numbers and the bonus ball, but there are possibilities all the way through to just matching two numbers – or even just the bonus ball.

So, as you can see, this is a game where there is a relatively good chance that you will not come away empty-handed, especially compared to other lottos internationally. And while many of us dream of winning the biggest pay-out, it can be rewarding to win frequent, smaller amounts. If that’s your philosophy then the French Lotto is definitely worth a look.

Luck and Lottery

Usually, you can bet on the French Lotto with a line for around R48 and find out the draw results soon after the draw. These draws are generally held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

If you are superstitious about numbers then you will be able to pick your favorites, while there is also lots of information available online about which numbers have popped up the most in recent weeks and which are considered to be the most overdue.

There are 49 numbers to pick from in total, so chances are you can bring across your lucky numbers from your other favorite Lotto games. Whatever your approach, and however experienced you are, the French Lotto offers lots of great opportunities.

Make Money

So, if you are interested in betting on the lottery but believe the time is right to try something new, then the French Lotto is a great option. Whether it’s the multiple draws, the many different chances to win or the wide range of prizes from big to small, the French Lotto is a smart choice if you enjoy betting on games of chance.

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