Setup Wireless Call Button Anywhere Instantly with SYSCALL

For some businesses and services, wireless call buttons are a necessity. It not only makes their response time faster but also saves a lot of time and money for both the customers and their own employees.

Restaurants which serve many customers at once need to put call button on their tables so that whenever required, they can press it to call waiters. Doctors require their patient to have a reliable calling button all the time because if any emergency arrives and doctors are not around, patient or his caretaker can press the button to instantly call the doctor. Pharmacist, consulting service, factories, warehouse management, recruiters, and many other jobs require call buttons to call the person with a single tap.

In all the cases mentioned above or any other scenario where a lot of communication goes on, there is a requirement to have call buttons for seamless functioning.

So, if your business requires a call button service or call-to-action buttons setup from which you can even send a small message too then go nowhere else, implement SYSCALL wireless communication system.

SYSCALL Wireless Calling System

SYSCALL is a fast and reliable calling system trusted by hundreds of businesses for smooth functioning. It provides a wide range of communication facilities which can be setup with any type of business which requires calling system for their employees or customers, that too wirelessly!

The SYSCALL wireless calling system consists of highly advanced transmitters, pagers, receivers, repeaters, guest pagers, monitoring software, phone charger and additional useful accessories which can make your wireless calling system even more efficient.


The transmitters come in various models. Some are waterproof, some suit best for the restaurants, some are best for outdoor environments, some hold more than one button for different purposes, etc. They come with their specific server paging system. Some models of server paging system can handle multiple transmitters. So, you have all the flexibility to choose the type of transmitter which suits just right for your service.


The direct pager has receiver module embedded with a small display so you don’t require any extra monitor as you can see and manage all the paging request directly from it. You can wear it, visit all over the vicinity while capturing calls all the time even when you are on move.



Various type of receivers with variable size and comfortable attachment position are available to allow you to set up the display monitor anywhere as you like. They show current paging request as well as other requests available in the queue. Physical buttons with basic functionalities are provided to allow to you reset, deque, power on/off and much more.

Guest Pager

While you’re handling your recurring customers, you surely don’t want to miss the guests coming for the first time or haven’t registered themselves yet but you might want to handle them in a different way. So, special guest pagers are provided by SYSCALL which has a cool design and paging requests from these pagers are handled separately.

Wrapping it Up

SYSCALL uses the latest technology in its Wireless communication solutions which provides the longest range, fast speed, reliability, and security. And, the wide range of gadgets and accessories provided to setup a calling system are much higher than other similar services available in the market.

SYSCALL development team are working continuously to make their wireless calling system even better. So, if you have any requirement to implement calling system in your office, go ahead with choosing SYSCALL undoubtedly to implement the wireless communication system. To discuss the implementation, you can contact SYSCALL team through a phone call or via email. The customer support service is very fast so after purchasing the service, if you ever need any assistance from SYSCALL, they are always available for you.

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