XNSPY: iOS and Android Spyware Software Review

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On August 31, 2017
Last modified:February 18, 2018


Spying software are aplenty now. In fact, we see a new entry into the market every day due to competition and ever changing environment. For business and personal lives alike, they are shaping many people’s life decisions every day. Smartphones have their own versions of Android spyware software for Android phones and spyware apps for iPhones.

People are looking for features that suit their requirements when they are searching for spyware. So there are specialized software that offer certain features that others don’t.

I am going to review another one today called xnspy.com, that is an Android spyware software as well as a spyware app for iPhone. I have a hands-on experience of this app and I am going to give a critical review to explain you in detail about this app. It offers many spying features for Android and iPhone both. This review will discuss in detail the compatibility, installation, features, support and packages of this particular spying software.

So let me discuss them all one by one.


As I mentioned earlier that spyware apps are abundant and specialized in their use. And those that have some features to offer are deprived of an essential feature of compatibility on major smartphone operating systems. The one feature that is a real catch for an XNSPY user is its compatibility with both iOS and Android smartphones. Like their competitors, they strive to update their software to match the latest operating systems. At the moment it can be used with the following versions:

  • Android OS Versions 4.x up to 7.­­0
  • iPhone Jailbreak Version 6.x up to 9.0.2
  • iPhone No Jailbreak Version 6.x up to 10.3.3

How to install?

Installing the app is not a cumbersome task. When I visited its website there was three step process mentioned to install the app. They are not just three steps but you have to follow all the steps in order to install the app on the target mobile.

To use the app, first, you would need to subscribe to the app by selecting a package according to your requirement. It depends on the features you want to use. I subscribed to their premium package to test all their features. After subscribing, I received an email with the app credentials, a download link, and a code. You have to download the app on the target phone using the download link sent to your email. Once it is there, you can start monitoring the target device using a dashboard interface in your laptop. But the process itself is easy and does not take long.

How is it Different?

Usually, the major spyware programs overlap on certain spying features, they simply package them differently and offer various pricing structures for services.

Conversly, XNSPY’s android spyware software for Android phones and spyware app for iPhone offer distinct features that can range from basic to pro users. Let me discuss some of their features


Stealth: Once you install XNSPY, it helps you to keep things well hidden. There is no sign of the spyware in either iPhone or Android devices. It does not appear in the application list as well. There are no icons of the app on the phone either.

Ambient Recorder: I found this feature really interesting. Suppose your target person is not on a call and even if you are informed of his location you want to know what is happening around, you can turn on the ambient recorder. This will activate the microphone on his phone and you will be able to hear all his surroundings.

Geo-Fencing: This feature is highly valued by parents and employers alike. It allows you to set up certain “restricted” areas using Google maps. If the GPS tracking system shows the device leaving or entering that restricted zone – you will get an alert. This alert is either shown through an email or you can see them on your online dashboard. Besides this, it also provides you the location history during any time period.

Watch list: Although other android spyware software also provide this option, what makes it different from the others is that you can keep multiple watch lists. You can keep a watch list of undesired contacts, a watch list of words and locations. This means if the specific person, word or location appears, you will be notified.

Call recording: Like any other spying app, this spyware also offers a comprehensive feature that you can use to spy on calls. It gives call information of all the calls and you can listen to all their recordings as well. It also keeps the sundry information of the call timings and the location of the target phone at the time of the call. You can also monitor the contact list on the phone and it gives information about the call history in the form of a call log.

IM Monitoring: Another important feature if you are really looking to spy on someone, you would need to monitor their social media instant messengers. With this spyware app for iPhone, you can monitor all the major instant messengers which include iMessage, Facebook, Tinder, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Viber etc. It gives you access to all the messages and chats done through these platforms.

Service and Support

The main website of XNSPY is better organized and easy to navigate. The website offers complete information resources on their website. The product support via live chat and email is also available 24/7.

The website also offers a section of FAQs to answer all the related questions that can hover in any user’s mind regarding the app. Over all the support services are satisfactory.

How Much Does it Cost?

XNSPY’s Android spyware software for Android phones and spyware app for iPhone comes in two different packages.

  • Basic Edition
  • XNSPY Premium Edition

As the names suggest the two have a wide range of differences in the features. It also depends on the user and the particular features they are looking for. If you are looking for the regular features like call log history, WhatsApp, contacts, emails, you should go for the Basic edition. But for more advanced features you will need to go for their premium program. There is also an iCloud version that does not require a jailbreaking device, it means you would only need the target person’s iCloud credentials to install the app.

Below is the latest price chart for Android and iOS smartphones.

Packages Basic

(Android & iOS)


(Android & iOS)

Yearly $99.99  ($8.33/month) $149.99 ($12.49/month)
Quarterly $69.99 ($23.33/month) $99.99 ($33.33/month)
Monthly $49.99 per month $59.99 per month

The price is highly competitive as compared to its market competitors. And it is a good value for money considering the array of features one acquires after purchasing the app. The website also offers discounts often but consider yourself lucky if you get one.

Why should one buy it?

After having a live experience of this version there are many points that I find in the favor of this app. Top of them are:

  • The first would be its price competitiveness. The product, along with its features, is a good value for money.
  • It’s second plus point is its compatibility. The product is highly compatible with both Android and iPhones versions.
  • The third feature is its accessibility. The online dashboard, plus the mobile app, allow the users to remotely monitor and access everything from the target phone.

Why shouldn’t one buy it?

If somebody has no prior experience of using a spyware then this could be one of the downsides of this app because it offers no trial version. I personally think there should have been a trial version, but since the app is easy to use, there should not be any hesitation buying it.

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

Spyware market is very competitive and always changing. At the moment, XNSPY is a decent spyware app for iPhone that offers many basic and advanced features like an ambient recorder, location tracking, IM monitoring and call recording. Only a few in the market offer these features.

If you are looking to monitor for a short period of time and the basic reporting features you can have a basic package and for advanced features, you can go with the premium package. It stands out in its ease of installation and use as well as its support. Since the use is always objective and you are the one to decide which is best for you.

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