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On July 29, 2017
Last modified:February 18, 2018


The Internet is aging up. In the past when we thought of the internet to expand multiple folds, become more advanced and free for everyone, it’s really disappointing to see that more and more websites are getting banned for internet users. Sometimes, it’s due to office politics, sometimes ISP bans some sites, sometimes it’s government and sometimes the website owner himself blocks access to his website in certain regions.

Not only adult or illegal websites, for many internet users even important sites like YouTube, PayPal, Wikipedia, Facebook, etc. are also blocked. This situation is really annoying and trust me, it’s not going to solve with just one complaint that you’re planning to file to ISP, government or website’s owner. Being an internet user, net neutrality is your right and if you can’t get it in the normal way then you need to use the smart way.

And, the smart way to access any website which is blocked in your country or for your internet connection is to use proxy websites. There are many free proxy websites available online which can help you access blocked content but not all of them are trustworthy. So, instead of using any random proxy website and recklessly exposing your privacy to them you need to use only safe proxy websites. One of such safe & secure proxy websites is Zalmos Free Web Proxy.

Zalmos Web Proxy

About Zalmos Free Web Proxy

Among the crowd of hundreds of random proxy websites which you see by simply searching “proxy” on Google, most of them are third-class websites which may or may not provide you the proxy service but the main reason behind their existence is to collect personal details of users. These websites collect personal information, spam you with lots of random/explicit ads, popups & links, inject malicious script into user’s web browsing sessions and silently install spyware, adware, worms & harmful virus to the system.

To protect from all of them and still get access to the blocked websites & content in your internet connection, Zalmos provides a fast & SSL secure web proxy for free via its website https://www.zalmos.com/

Zalmos Site

Popularly known as best unblock YouTube proxy, Zalmos web proxy’s features are not limited to YouTube only. The website has many essential features which are very hard to find in any other free web proxy service. Moreover, the protection & security Zalmos web proxy provides is of very high standard that can compete head-to-head with any top-class VPN service.

Unblock YouTube & Other Sites

Zalmos help you to unblock YouTube, Facebook, PayPal, Reddit or any other website which is blocked in your country by ISP, government or directly by site’s webmasters. You can unblock any blocked website by simply typing its domain name in the provided box and hit Click me! button on the right. Zalmos will then act as a middleman to provide you access to the website with full anonymity.

You can use Zalmos to unblock websites on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. So, in order to access any blocked website, you don’t need any special software or app. Just visit Zalmos.com and you will be able to access all blocked websites right through your web browser.

SSL Encryption Protected Browsing

Not all websites use SSL Encryption which provides HTTPS protection to the website as it is expensive but it is essential as it keeps users’ data & privacy safe, protect him from any type of attack that can happen. So, even if the website you want to access doesn’t have HTTPS, by browsing that target website through Zalmos will ensure SSL security to your browsing session which is much needed if your task requires you to login the target website, send/receive confidential data or process transactions.

Stay 100% Anonymous

Using web browsers like Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Opera, Apple Safari, etc. even if you are in their incognito or private browsing mode and even if you are using secure web search engine like DuckDuckGo, Google can still track you & record your browsing activities because most of the websites you are visiting use google ads and/or cookies. So, when you browse Google or any website using Zalmos web proxy, it not only fakes your IP address, the free web proxy also adds an anonymity layer around your web-browsing session of course with additional SSL protection to make your browsing session 100% anonymous.

Zalmos itself also doesn’t track or keep any of your browsing information on its web server because it believes freedom on the internet and that should be provided to internet users “without any cost”, that means, without even paying with your privacy.

Enjoy All Web Content

Using Zalmos, you will not only be able to unblock blocked websites but you will be also able to enjoy country restricted web contents which are restricted in your country such as YouTube videos, Music, etc. using this free web based proxy. Censorship & banning of YouTube is now an old problem if you start using Zalmos. It will unlock YouTube for you at anytime and anyplace without any cost on your behalf. Zalmos developers have put a price on video quality, and for that, they have removed all the bandwidth restrictions and they are trying to give you the best quality videos they can.

Wrapping it Up!

If you automatically put your target website’s URL in the provided box, Zalmos will load it from the fastest server based on your location but you also have the option to choose among different servers if you want to specifically fake your IP to a country’s location. The additional resources Zalmos has put to improve its web proxy service will help you browse blocked website as comfortably as unblocked users are browsing it with an additional layer of anonymity & security.

So, whether you are looking for best unblock YouTube Proxy, unblock Facebook proxy or blocked websites unblocker then Zalmos web proxy is the best free web proxy service that you should try right now.

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