Infographic: Top 8 SEO Trends That You MUST Follow To Rank High on Google in 2017

Google is evolving. Being the most popular search engine and having the aim to provide best search results to its users, Google is bound to keep improving its search engine algorithms so as to provide better, more refined search results. It delivers more than 80% traffic (visitors) to all the websites online — yours too.

So, if it changes its search engine ranking tactics, introduces new SEO factors, prioritize or deprioritize some old SERP filters, we need to change our site and SEO strategies accordingly to ensure we rank high on Google. It’s important to follow SEO trends reports, especially those which are relased annually, at the starting month of new year because it can compare full year and tell which SEO factors are losing their importance, which or them are gaining it in the eyes of Google and which SEO factors are going to receive importance in near future.

There are many SEO sites which I follow to stay updated with new SEO news, updates, experiments, case studies etc. and I myself do experiments to know what works for me and what doesn’t. BUT, if you can’t afford to opt this routine and still want to know essential SEO trends which your site should follow then I am representing this important SEO trends Infographic created by CJG Digital Marketing which is showcasing top 8 SEO trends that you must follow in 2017 to rank high in Google SERP.

Make sure you read this SEO Infographic carefully and implement the recommended changes in your website and SEO strategies because if your site is compatible with Google’s latest SEO trend, no one can stop it from ranking high on this search engine.

SEO Trends to Watch out in 2017
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