3 Sophisticated Wardrobe Staples For Every Man

Good news – anyone can look stylish and sophisticated! All you need is a few wardrobe staples that will allow you to create endless looks for work, evening drinks, and other smart casual events.

The best thing is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to build this tiny capsule wardrobe, as plenty of brands offer fantastic quality for affordable prices.

Let’s dive in and discuss three sophisticated wardrobe staples for every man’s wardrobe!

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Polo Shirt 

The second wardrobe piece on our list is the classic Polo shirt. It’s the more sophisticated brother of your crewneck and looks like something between a button-down shirt and a t-shirt.

Thanks to your dad or granddad, you may be familiar with Polos, but in recent years, the youngest Gen Z generation has rediscovered this timeless garment and made it cool again.

A Polo is a perfect choice for various occasions, from casual business dinners or weekends at the golf club to holidays by the sea to

simply running errands. Wear it with summer shorts, chinos, dress pants, and of course – the navy blazer!

How It Should Fit

Well-made polo shirts hug your body and deliver the right fit straight away. For an instant, well-tailored, and top-notch look, check out the polo shirts here freshcleantees.com/collections/polos.

As a general rule, you want to be able to pinch 1-2 inches of fabric on each side of the stomach to find the ideal fit. The best length for the tee is a little below your belt line.

The Polo sleeves should hug your arms and end around mid-bicep.

Lastly, don’t keep those buttons tight because the top 1-2 unbuttoned ones will frame your face nicely!

Navy Blazer 

An unstructured navy blazer is an absolute must-have for every guy in summer, winter, or fall. It’s comfortable, looks great on everyone, and can be worn for multiple occasions and paired with many other wardrobe pieces.

A navy blazer is a real smart-casual fashion workhorse that can be dressed up and down. Need to look a little bit more put together? Wear a button-down shirt underneath and opt for chinos or slacks for your bottoms.

Casual Friday at work? Nothing will look better than a blazer, white tee, and your favorite jeans!

How It Should Fit

The secret to looking good in a blazer is its fit. You want a relaxed one with soft shoulders (no pads!) and two buttons.

Your blazer should fit nice and snug but not look like you’ve borrowed it from your skinny nephew! Make sure it covers your bottom (about an inch) and doesn’t wrinkle or crease when wearing it.

Lastly, don’t forget the sleeves – they should end where the thumb begins. Too short sleeves are an absolute no!

Wool Trousers

The third staple in our list is wool trousers. We picked them with the fall and winter in mind as they’ll keep you looking great and warm!

Wool trousers are that perfect middle when jeans are too casual, but a suit is too much. We like gray, brown, blue, and subtle patterns.

We recommend choosing thicker wool fabric over a thin one as it will keep its shape, is not as prone to creasing, and works with most of your fall and winter wardrobe.

Wear wool trousers with a button-down shirt, knits, coats, blazers, and even Polos.

How Should They Fit

Make sure your trousers fit well around the waist and are not too tight or loose.

Keep an eye on your seat area and avoid any sagging or too much tightness. You want your butt hugged nicely.

The same goes for the thighs – if you can pinch 1/2-1 inches on each side, you’re golden. Lastly, the trousers should be hemmed approximately 1,5 inches above the shoe cuff.

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