Some Unique Christmas Gifts Ideas for your Family and Friends

The festive season is near the corner and you might be all stressed thinking about some unique gift ideas for your loved ones. People put a lot of thought when selecting a gift for their loved ones. As gifting is considered a symbol of love and care, this Christmas choose some unique and technology-specific gifts for your friends and family that would help them in various aspects. Opting for the right gift when the latest technologies are considered may be a little daunting.

Here is a list of some highly advanced and unique Christmas gifts that you can consider buying.

List of Product Recommendations

  1. CZUR mirror
  2. Smart notebooks

CZUR mirror

Due to the constant sitting schedules and irregular habits, poor body posture is a major concern these days. This can have an adverse effect on the health of your loved ones. So, if you are also concerned for the health of your family and friends, then this festive season presents such a thing that can help them to maintain their health. CZUR mirror is an excellent option for this purpose. This latest technology helps to correct and maintain accurate body posture. Here are some of its features that would definitely make you choose this as a present for your loved ones.


  • The perfect option for elders and kids:  Grown-ups and kids are always suspected to follow an incorrect body posture. If not corrected earlier then it may lead them to adopt it as a habit. This mirror has features of voice as well as indicator notification which is perfect for kids and elders.
  • Compatibility: The mirror also offers you compatibility with Bluetooth, tablets, and mobile phones making it easier to have accessibility over data and to easily use the device.
  • Customizable and portable: The best thing about this Christmas gift is that it is highly customizable as well as portable. It can easily be carried to the offices and other places ultimately keeping a check on the body posture.
  • Smart design: Its smart and sleek design is eye-catching. The availability of smart mode makes it more advanced.
  • 7 days goal: If a person is having inaccurate body postures then this can help them to attain the correct ones in just seven days.

Smart Notebooks

For your office-going friends and family members, choose the smart notebooks as a gift this festive season. It will help them to organize and digitize all their ideas at a particular platform where they can have easy accessibility too. As per the work pressures and increased workload, office goods need to be highly efficient and for that purpose, these smart notebooks are a perfect option.

Czur Laptops

These smartbooks are available in several advanced features and here are mentioned some of them:

  • Intelligent scanning and recognition of handwriting: These smart notebooks are capable of capturing each word that you write and further it gets saved in the cloud so that you may have access to them in the future. The only thing that should be kept in mind is the legibility of handwriting. This will make the work more accurate.
  • Hash tag feature: These smartbooks are also equipped with hashtag features. This means that a hashtag can be made for specific notes. This makes accessibility to those notes even easier. Hashtag reference is a feature that makes office notes more efficient.
  • Sharing options: One can even share the notes, plans, agendas, and ideas with their friends, family members, and office colleagues too.
  • Effort and time saving: There is the availability of approx 10 GB of space in which your ideas may be stored. Also, one can sync around 100 notebooks in the Cloud system. This eliminates the effort that is needed in searching specific notes. By this, a systematic classifying can also be done that would be featured with smart functionality.
  • Excellent design: The design of these smart notebooks makes them worth investing in. The color of the paper is a light cream that soothes eyes and velvet colored cover makes it waterproof and protects it too. Also choose among four different colors of sky blue, soft pink, medium red, and infinity black.

Smart Bookmarks

Reading books is a hobby that boosts knowledge as well as helps to change mentality regarding particular subjects and topics. Spiritual and conceptual books are best meant for enhancing inner peace and beauty. There can nothing be better than reading insightful books this holiday season. If your loved one is also fond of reading lots of books, then making a slight change in traditional gifting ideas you can opt for smart bookmarks.

Czur Bookmarks

Smart bookmarks can be considered as advanced and the Best Christmas and holiday gifts of 2021 for your close ones.

  • Design and body: These bookmarks are made up of aluminum alloy that offers a striking and tough body to them. It is light weighted yet has good strength. Also, the design is bold and sophisticated that enhances its appearance.
  • Color choices: You can choose amongst three classy colors that are apple red, haze gray, and champagne gold or get the trio of these three colors in a single pack.
  • Slim and flexible: These bookmarks are super slim and have a feature of flexibility. The grip of bookmarks avoids any kind of slippage and also it protects the pages from getting damaged. These are made up of extra soft aluminum alloy eliminating the risk of damages to the books and pages.
  • Dual functionality: Offering you the dual functionality feature, these marks can be used as a page marker as well as a sentence marker also. You can get several bookmarks and in different colors which means you can use them as both at once. These can also have some fun uses like keeping in pockets or using them as a decorative item for your documents and files.
  • Easy to use: Don’t worry about its use as it is extremely easy. All you have to do is put the bookmark into a specific page and it will automatically shift down to get placed correctly. No special treatment is required for these bookmarks as they are just similar to all the other bookmarks.

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