Guide to Online Gambling in South Africa

Online gambling is quickly gaining traction among South Africans which isn’t by accident. With the Covid-19 pandemic raging throughout the continent and the world, many restrictions have been instated, some of them even regarding casinos. This is why online gambling has become increasingly popular.

If you’re a newbie to online gambling, it’s primary to know how to stay safe in the online casino environment and how to maximize your wins.

1. Don’t disregard the bonuses

Every newcomer to online casinos should know that the best online casinos South Africa no deposit bonus platforms are those which are not stingy with their bonuses. Many players are wary of the generous casinos because they believe that the offers are too good to be true.

However, if you are smart with newcomer promotions, you can become a pro in no time. If the casino offers you some free credit when you create an account, you should use them wisely to familiarize yourself with the games you were thinking to play. If you aren’t sure how the online casino works, clicking around and betting with free credit is a great way to get used to the platform without having the fear of losing real money. Of course, weekly bonuses and promotions are rewarded to the most loyal customers – these can get handy too!

2. Have a separate gambling bank account

When you register on a gambling website, it is highly likely they will ask you to provide a certain bank account so that you could bet and win real money. If you have the opportunity to own multiple bank accounts we highly encourage you to set up a separate one you’ll use only for online casino purposes. By not introducing your family banking account into the mix, you lower the risk of developing a serious gambling problem down the road

Additionally, having another account will help you know exactly how much you’re spending and earning by playing slots and other fun casino games. You will notice much earlier if you spend much more than you earn, which will probably be a great motivator to get your financial situation back on track. Having said all this, if you notice that someone in your proximity has started to develop a gambling issue, refer to your local gambling board to find out what you can do to help them combat this serious addiction.

3. Don’t mix betting with alcohol

The cocktail of gambling games and any psychoactive substance is a recipe for disaster. Being under the influence can affect the way you play and make you lose much more than you would in the regular circumstance.

Impulsively playing can be detrimental to your bank account, and as you probably know, when drunk it’s very hard to stay level-headed. It’s also not recommended to play when you’re under any kind of mental and emotional distress – calm nerves and smart gameplay is crucial for winning. This is why you need to make sure that you’re content when you enter your favorite online casino.

4. Get to know the games

When you set out into the gambling world, you may be tempted to try out every game you can find.  However, we advise you not to rush. Before you decide on the game you’d love to have fun with, you should carefully read up the game’s rules. This is the case for every game you come by.

If you think you know how to play slots in real casinos, there’s no guarantee you’ll know how exactly the online version functions. Going into the games blind can make you lose tremendously, and what is more, these losses could have been avoided by going through the rules book.

5. Know where you bet

Both newbies and experienced players should carefully choose the online casinos they offer their money to. The only trustworthy casinos are those which have been approved by the gaming jurisdictions such as eCogra or The Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS).

If you see their logos on the website, you can be assured that the casino is operated fairly. Having an upfront business model and an honest payout are both crucial for the casino to get the needed license, among other more particular factors. 

6. Stay up to date with the law

The laws regarding online casinos are quite complex in South Africa, which is why it’s highly important to know the basics before you decide to play and not risk paying the fines. It’s illegal to run an online casino from South Africa, and trying out your luck in the games such as blackjack and roulette are also forbidden by the law.

However, live-draw games are allowed including Lucky 7 and Baccarat. There has been a recent rise in illegal online gambling websites due to the circumstances of the pandemic, so be very careful that the website you choose to play on is regulated and legal.

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