Best 5 Paid Product Design Software That Worth Your Money

Product design is a subcategory of computer-aided design (CAD) software that allows users to produce 3D design of machine parts, components, and assemblies. The 3-D design software that we use depends on our need for what we are trying to accomplish with our software. If we want to buy a new software then we must get a good overview of the software to see if that software aligned our goals. So, that you can worth your money you have paid for the software.

In this article, we have thoroughly analyzed many popular premium product design software and shortlisted 5 of those that certainly worth your money. So, read this article till the end to know what are the best paid product design software that are capable to handle any design project you throw at them.


1. AutoCAD

AutoCAD software can be used in Windows, Mac and Android. Its cost is starting from 1,690 dollars per year per user, it is a pricier option for CAD software. AutoCAD is created by Autodesk which is a highly popular software used by various professionals such as project managers, architects, graphic designers, city planners, engineers etc. It is available in multiple languages. The top features of AutoCAD product design and 3D modeling software are:

  • AutoCAD provides 3D Modeling and Visualization.
  • It has Photorealistic Rendering.
  • There are three types of modeling- Solid, Surface and Mesh Modling.
  • There are various Visual Styles in AutoCAD
  • PDF and DGN Import/Export/Underlay.
  • It has various Section Planes.
  • It provides various Parametric Constraints
  • Object selection and isolation
  • Import 3D Models and Sheet Set Manager
  • Reference Navisworks Models,Ribbon Tabs and Panels and User Interaction
  • Tool Palettes,Dynamic Blocks,2D Drafting, Drawing and Annotation
  • Command Line and Installation and Customization
  • DWG and Image References, AutoCAD Mobile App
  • 3D Scanning and Point Clouds, 3D Navigation.
  • Geographical Location and online maps

Download AutoCAD 3D Designing Software Here

2. DraftSight

DraftSight is an affordable tool that ranges from $99 to $499. It is mainly used for 2D drafting and 3D design. Users of this software are mainly engineers, architects, and construction service providers as well as CAD users, designers, educators and hobbyists.

This software is mainly loved easily because DraftSight allows the user to easily move back and forth between 2D drafting to 3D modeling in order to optimize and maximise designs. The real design freedom allows the user to work the way you want to work. The other lovable quality is it allows transition between DraftSight and similar software like Dassault Systemes and SOLIDWORKS PDM, which makes it versatile.


It is easy to manage DWG designs from first inspiration to final printout. DraftSight gives the user the freedom to do what the user does best, no matter who the user is or what he is trying to accomplish. It is available for both Windows and Mac. It has the productivity tools, functionality, and file compatibility you need to create, edit, view and markup any 2D or 3D DWG-file with speed and efficiency. Features of DraftSight are:

  • Easily transition from similar CAD applications with familiarity and compatibility
  • Increase ROI without sacrificing quality or productivity
  • Choice of feature sets and licensing
  • Seamlessly utilize legacy drawings and data, all at a fraction of the price

Download Draftsight 3D Modelling Software Here.


CATIA is a Computer Aided Design software, which is developed by Dassault Systèmes, a French company. Actually, there is no set price for this software. The reason behind it is that the pricing is quote-based as it depends on different factors such as capabilities or tools the user needs in the software.


3DS CATIA is used by mechanical and systems engineers. To make this system collaborative a cloud system is used in this program. It has also been used in industries like architecture, aerospace, packaging design, and more. The latest version of CATIA is version level 6, known as CATIA V6. The various features of CATIA are:

  • It has capabilities in multiple domains.
  • The majority of users do not require all functionalities available in it. That is why licenses are broken down according to required functionality.
  • It provides a social Design Environment.
  • CATIA provides Global Collaboration.
  • We get Instinctive 3D Experience there.
  • We can capture manufacturing process intent.
  • It provides Cross-Discipline Development.
  • Product Modeling can be done in two ways Assembly design and surface modeling
  • Unbreakable Relational Design.

Download CATIA Graphic Designing Software Here

4. SketchUp Pro

SketchUp Pro is a deceptively simple, amazingly powerful tool for creating, viewing, and modifying 3D ideas quickly and easily. SketchUp Pro was developed to combine the elegance and spontaneity of pencil sketching with the speed and flexibility of today’s digital media. With SketchUp Pro you can create 3D surface models easily and visualise those with textures and animations.

You can evaluate the shading of the sun, create landscapes, and enrich your drawing with 3D objects (trees, people, cars, etc.). We can make sections of the model and walk through your designs. Sketchup is a 3D modling program, created by Trimble Inc.

Sketchup Pro

It is available for both Windows and Mac. It is mainly used in architecture, interior design, video game designing and many industries. SketchUp software includes an online library where users can contribute and use different models, like cars, doors, windows, and more. Functions of SketchUp Pro are:

  • It has a specific Report tool.
  • SketchUp Pro provides Solid Modeling
  • Interoperability – SketchUp plays well with all of the other tools in your design toolbox.
  • Customization-Customize the look and feel of any project’s style to make it your very own.
  • Extensibility – Use the Extension Warehouse to make SketchUp exactly what you need it to be.
  • Generate Reports-Get stakeholders all the details they need to get the job done.

5. Fusion360

Developed by Autodesk, Fusion 360 is a cloud-based 3D modeling, CAD, CAM, CAE, and PCB software platform for product design and manufacturing. Like AutoCAD, Fusion 360 is also a paid Autodesk program used by professionals and intermediate-level designers, engineers, manufacturers etc. This cloud-based 3D CAD software allows design teams to work collaboratively on complicated projects.

Autodesk Fusion 360

Fusion 360 stores all the model history and changes, making it ideal for team-based projects. There are plenty of design options available in the software, such as mesh and solid modeling as well as freeform. The user needs to pay prices of 495 dollars a year for a license. The features of Fusion360 are:

  • Fusion360 has Standard 2D/3D CAD tools.
  • It has Limited electronics – 2 schematics, 2 layers, 80cm2 board area.
  • There are Basic manufacturing – 2.5 axis milling & 3 axis milling, turning, FFF additive, fabrication.
  • It provides Local rendering.
  • It is limited to 10 active and editable Fusion 360 documents, unlimited inactive documents.
  • Design and engineer products to ensure aesthetics, form, fit, and function.
  • Reduce the impact of design, engineering, and PCB changes and ensure manufacturability with simulation and generative design tools.

Download Autodesk Fusion 360 Software from Here.

Directly edit existing features or model fixtures with the only truly integrated CAD + CAM software tool.

In this article we have discussed only five paid product software, but there are many others available. You can go for them according to the requirement !

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