40+ Similar Sites Like 1337x.to for Torrents

I have been using torrents for many years and I am most satisfied with 1337x.to torrent sharing service. The site is not only simple to use due to its clean interface but it has such active community that every new movie, tv show, game, software and its high quality torrent make its way to 1337x torrent site. All the torrents available on the website are 100% verified and high quality. Whether you want to download latest movie in HD, or TV show in the dubbed version, full version of games or software with license, 1337x has everything.

1337x Torrent site is used by millions of people on daily basis to download their favorite content from torrents for free. But, recently, the website started facing issues. 1337x is blocked in many countries. If you are not able to open, visit or download torrents from 1337x torrents then if you still wanna access 1337x, you can always do it using 1337x proxy & mirror sites. However, its better to look for 1337x alternatives because these proxy and mirror sites are too slow. And, to help you out, we are providing the best similar sites like 1337x.

I know 1337x torrent very well. I have used all its awesome features so, I have provided this list of best torrent sites like 1337x by personally filtering them out from my list of best torrent sites and only picked those which are very much similar to 1337x torrents. Check out these best 1337x alternatives, you will find every feature that you used to enjoy on 1337x torrents.

1337x Torrent Alternatives

Sites Like 1337x

Tor Lockhttps://www.torlock.com/
Torrent CDhttps://torrent.cd/
Academic Torrentshttp://academictorrents.com/
Desi Torrentshttps://desitorrents.tv
Only Torrentshttp://onlytorrents.com/
DIVX Totalhttps://www.divxtotal2.net/
Torrent Funkhttps://www.torrentfunk.com/
Extra Torrenthttps://extratorrent.ag/
ISO Hunthttp://isohunts.to/
Torrent Downloadshttps://www.torrentdownloads.me/
Sumo Torrenthttp://www.sumotorrent.sx/
YTS YIFY Torrentshttps://yts.am/
Arena BGhttps://arenabg.com/
RU Trackerhttps://rutracker.org
File Listhttps://filelist.ro
Torrent Bithttp://www.torrentbit.net/
Torrents 9http://www.torrents9.cc/
Booty Tapehttp://www.bootytape.com/
Seed Peerhttps://www.seedpeer.eu/
Fast Torrenthttp://fast-torrent.ru/
Your Bittorrenthttps://yourbittorrent.com/
Torrent Kinghttps://torrentking.to/
Mejor Torrenthttp://www.mejortorrent.com/
BT Sonehttp://www.btsone.cc/
New Rutorhttp://new-rutor.org/

Now, I recommend you to save your favorite sites from this list of best 1337x alternatives to some safe place. And, save link to this article too so that whenever you wanna see sites like 1337x torrents, you can always check out right here.

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