Top 50 Best & Most Popular Torrent Sites to Download Premium Stuff for Free

To make our task easier, lots of powerful software are available; to entertain us, lots of games, movies, tv shows & anime are available and to help us study, learn new things and for research purpose, lots of ebooks are available online. But, they are not available for free. Actually, most of the stuff you require ultimately are not available freely online. You need to either buy them with one-time payment or recurring charges.

Even if the life is not very happening, we come to need these things because their free alternatives are not that good. In such situations, torrent sites come handy. Torrent sites provide us premium stuff for free. You only need a good internet connection and all you need – premium software, HD movies, latest TV shows, important ebooks, games, etc. – everything will be available to you free of cost.

Torrent sites work as peer-to-peer file exchange networks where thousands of user share the premium stuff they have with others who are in need for free. For a software, game, movie, ebook and more, you can find lots of versions on these sites and download your desired version. Using torrent service is easy too. You only need to download a torrent client (e.g., BitTorrent, μTorrent, etc.) in your PC or mobile phone and you can add torrent files from torrent sites to download desired content from torrent network.

However, this type of file exchange service encourage internet piracy so many important torrent sites are  banned by government/ISP of many countries and many of them are even taking down by internet organizations. If a torrent site 0nly blocked in your country or region, you can access torrent and other blocked websites using proxy or VPN software which adds additional security to the network.

But, what to do with the problem about torrent sites going down? Well, for this issue, you need to know most powerful torrent sites which have potential to stand against all the internet laws and also keep track of new torrent sites being launched. By doing this, you can be sure that whenever you want to download free software, download free movies, download free ebooks or download free games, you will always  places to look for.

This article is here to help you to do the same. Today, through this article, I am going to tell you 50 best and most popular torrent sites right now. This list of best torrent sites include those torrent sites who are active from years as well as new but fast emerging torrent sites too. Before moving ahead, we recommend you to first check our top 10 favorite torrent sites  article because it list 10 most trusted and popular torrent sites with full details about their content, type and how to use them.

Use this table as the quick list to navigate to any of the 50 torrent sites quickly.


Torrent Site

Torrent Site URL

3YIFY Torrents
4Kickass Torrents
5The Pirate Bay
6ISO Hunt
7Extra Torrent
10Seed Peer
11Torrent Project
12Torrent Downloads
14Torrent Funk
15Your BitTorrent
18Lime Torrents
19BitTorrent Search
20Bit TOR
22Torrent Bit
23Torrent King
24Sumo Torrent
27Worldwide Torrents
29BT Scene
3101 Torrents
34RU Tracker
36Arena BG
37NT Torrents
38Pirate Public
39Academic Torrents
41Mejor Torrent
42File List
43Fast Torrent
45DIVX Total
46New Rutor
47Torrent 9
48Desi Torrents
49Booty Tape
50Only Torrents

These torrent sites allows you to free download Movies, TV Series, Music, Games, Software, Books, Manga, Comics, Sports videos, Adult content, Wallpapers and much more. Bookmark this article to keep track of the best torrent sites.

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