6 Methods To Direct Download Torrents from Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is the fastest downloader available for Windows PC right now. It roughly provides 5 times higher download speed for any files you download from the internet either through browser built-in downloader or any other third-party downloader. Moreover, IDM has tons of features like pause/resume downloads, the number of concurrent connections, multiple downloads, download queue, site grabber, etc.

So, everyone prefers IDM to download ebooks, software, songs, videos or any other files. IDM is capable of downloading all of them at blazing fast speed but it can’t download torrents directly. If you are needed to download anything from using torrent, you need to have a torrent client like BitTorrent, μTorrent, etc. Firstly, they are tricky software and even if you get a hold of your torrent client, you’ll find its speed not as impressive as IDM.

So, do you want to download torrents using IDM? As I told above, there is not any direct method to download torrent files using Internet Download Manager (IDM) or any other file downloader but there are few workarounds which will let you download torrent files via IDM. Below in this article, I am sharing those methods which will let you direct download torrent files using IDM.

Hence, even if your torrent has slow download speed or torrent clients & torrent websites are blocked by your ISP, you’ll still be able to use these methods to download those torrents at even faster speed.

1. Using TorrentHandler

Torrenthandler allows you to download torrent files anonymously and at high speed. Just create a free account on the website and then you can upload your torrent (.torrent) to your account. Torrenthandler will first download files from your torrent to their high-speed server and then provide you a direct download link to download it using IDM or any other download manager.

As torrent files are available to direct download through TorrentHandler, the only thing that limits your download speed is your own internet connection. Unlike how much you were limited with your torrent client, with TorrentHandler, you can get up to 100x download speed.

2. Using PutDrive Cloud Storage

Putdrive is another easy solution to allow you the facility of downloading large torrent files via IDM. It is a cloud storage service that supports torrent downloads too. Create a free account and you’ll get a cloud storage space of 10 GB. Now, you can upload your torrent (.torrent) and Putdrive will download it in your online cloud account from where you can either get the direct download link and hence download that torrent’s files using IDM or any other downloader.

Putdrive also provides integration to many popular cloud storage service like Box, DropBox, Google Drive, etc. So, you can connect these accounts to have the torrent files downloaded and synced to your PC and other devices automatically.

3. Using Boxopus Torrent Downloader

Boxopus is a cloud service which was specially developed to provide users online torrent downloads and manage service. You can either register via email or sign up using Facebook to Boxopus and after login to your account, add unlimited torrents to let Boxopus high-speed server download them locally in your account from where you can either directly sink your files to Google Drive, Box or grab download link and put it in IDM to download desired torrent files using Internet Download Manager.

As the service is specially developed to provide fast speed torrent download without any torrent client, so you will enjoy better service and faster torrent download speed via Boxopus.

4. Using Direct-Torrent

Direct-Torrent is not a cloud storage service that just supports torrent files download but rather a big torrent client (seedbox) which runs 24/7 in a comfortable bandwidth. So, you only need to paste torrent URL or Magnet URI, it will automatically fetch its files and provides their direct download links via its own server. Direct download links are often fast and available only for your own IP address. You can direct download torrent without signing up for an account in Direct-torrent.

5. Using Seedr Torrent Cloud

Seedr is a secure and anonymous torrent download service that allows you to direct download torrent files anonymously. Create a free account on the website and upload your torrent. Seedr will automatically upload torrent files in its fast server and provide you direct download links to the file within few minutes.Direct download any torrent at supersonic speed, pause/resume download and stay anonymous. You can use this service to download torrent files

Direct download any torrent at supersonic speed, pause/resume download and stay anonymous. You can use this service to download torrent files in your iPhone too.

6. Using Quick Torrent

Quick-Torrent is probably the most comfortable torrent downloader available out there. It provides lots of options to allow you to fetch torrent 0 – you can directly search popular torrent sites through your Quick-Torrent account and select torrents which you want to direct download, you can paste torrent URL or magnet URI or you can even upload torrent file directly from your disk to allow Quick-Torrent to fetch torrent files in its server from where you can directly download your torrents anytime.

Quick-Torrent has lots of high-speed server around the world so according to your location, it provides you download link from the closest server to ensure you will get the fastest speed when you directly download a torrent using IDM or any other downloader. After that, it removes all your personal information from its server any helps you stay anonymous while downloading any torrent of your choice.

Use any of the cool service above and direct download torrents via IDM or any other download manager. If you face any problem share it in comments below but don’t forget to comment when you get impressive download speed from these online torrent downloaders too. Tell us which of the above service you liked the most and use to direct download torrents to your PC.

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