5 Best College Paper Help Services

Before entering college, every high-school student dreams about a lot of free time and various parties like in movies. However, college life is not only about hanging out. Most part of the schedule is covered with classes, homework, and writing assignments.

Most freshmen are very encouraged to cope with such tasks individually. Usually, they succeed with this since the assignments are quite easy. Over several months they get more and more similar assignments. That is the reason why a lot of students become bored of college life.

They want to devote much time to more interesting tasks and get rid of repeated essays, research papers, and others. And there is a terrific solution for such occasions. They can turn to write a paper for me at WritingAPAper at any time to get assistance. In this article, we want to tell you about the top 5 platforms to get paper writing help.

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Choose the Best College Paper Help Service for Yourself

As soon as a student decides to turn to online writing help for the first time, he might be distracted by a lot of offers. The reason is that such an inquiry is very popular, so there are about 1000 websites that provide writing services. The question is: how to choose the most reliable service?

In short words, you have to conduct deep research and analyze the following:

  • online reputation;
  • prices
  • security measures;
  • writers’ qualifications;
  • payments safety;
  • experience.

You might find some thoughts that it is very easy to find best services on Reddit. Yet, it is not enough to analyze this platform since it won’t disclose the whole picture about a certain company. To make sure about a company’s reliability, you have to analyze other forums and independent resources like Trustpilot or Sitejabber.

We understand that you don’t want to spend a lot of time on such research. Firstly, it might be boring. Secondly, you might need urgent research paper writing help. That is why we conducted an analysis ourselves. We created a list of 50 companies and below described the top-5 of them.

1.  WritingAPaper.net — Best paper writing service overall

Analyzing 50 companies, we understood that the biggest challenge is to choose the top-1 company for our list. There were several “competitors” for this position. However, the online reputation and secondary analysis factors defined the best paper writing service overall. WritingAPaper.net might surprise you with everything, from website design to the quality of papers.

This company has been working for more than 10 years. During this period, they completed over 15 thousand projects and reached 85% customers returning rate. The last fact surprised us the most. That is why we decided to place 5 orders here to get the same experience. So, the orders where:

  • essay in History for college with 3 days deadline;
  • research paper in Law for university with 1-week deadline;
  • urgent essay for high school, 6 hours deadline;
  • lab report in chemistry for college; 3 days deadline;
  • editing and formatting for college coursework, 1-week deadline.

In general, we are fully satisfied with all of the results. Firstly, all of the papers were delivered in time. The urgent was completed within 3 hours, and the research paper was completed within 4 days, so in case of real order, we would have enough time to check and even ask for revision.

Secondly, there wasn’t any plagiarism. We checked the papers with several tools, but all of them showed 100% uniqueness. That means that their writers really know the subjects and do the work from scratch.

Thirdly, the order for editing and formatting impressed us a lot. They made all the necessary corrections fastly. Yet, the most amazing thing about this order is that the writer made several suggestions to add some paragraphs.

Finally, we are very impressed with direct communication. All of the orders were created from new accounts. Yet every writer was very polite and attentive to details. They aren’t afraid to ask for any additional information if they need it.

In addition, we want to tell a bit about secondary factors that helped us to define WritingAPaper.net as the best college help service.

  1. Free revisions. During 2 weeks after completing the order, you can ask for unlimited revisions for free.
  2. Convenient ordering. We spent about 2 minutes on every order.
  3. Polite and fair support. The support managers answer any questions almost immediately. What is more important, they are very laconic, but the answers are accurate.

In other words, we should conclude that WritingAPaper.net is fully client-oriented. Being a student, you can rely on this company whenever you need writing assistance.

2. EssayWritery.com — Best essay writers, best bidding platform

Here is one more company that pleased all of our team. Essaywritery.com is almost similar to WritingAPaper.net in terms of quality and usability. The main difference is that this website is a bidding platform. What is it?

A bidding writing service is a platform where you indicate the requirements and the price which you can pay for such type of work. The system automatically analyzes the data and proposes several writers who might suit your needs. Then you can check every writer’s experience and choose the most preferable.

There are a lot of reviews of different bidding platforms on the Net. Many users claim that most of such companies work with freelancers since the quality of papers is very low. Yet, Essaywritery.com changed the game. Every student who uses this website claims that Essaywritery has the best writers. So, we decided to check this and placed 3 orders:

  1. Essay in Literature for college, 3 days.
  2. Research paper in Physics for college, 10 days.
  3. Coursework in Law for college, editing, 5 days.

So, firstly we want to talk about the process of choosing the writer. You will always get at least 10 writers to choose from. However, you also will be proposed to increase the final price and get “Advanced Writer”. We didn’t choose this option since the main goal was to analyze standard writers and create fair feedback.

Here is the available information about writers:

  • experience in writing;
  • experience in the field of study;
  • degree;
  • specialization;
  • completed orders;
  • satisfaction rate.

That is everything you need to decide whether you like a certain writer or not. You can also contact a support manager to ask for more information about a certain writer. If it isn’t confidential, a manager will provide you with the answers.

Coming back to the orders’ results, we should claim that Essaywritery.com is really the best bidding platform on the web. Although we didn’t get “Advanced Writers”, all the papers were delivered on time. There weren’t any grammatical, spelling, or even punctuation mistakes.

Every writer provided us with a plagiarism report. However, we checked the papers with other tools. The uniqueness was 100%. Writers also provided us with several sources that they used to create a paper. However, we didn’t get the full reference page (you have to pay an additional fee for this one while placing an order).

As for editing and formatting, the writer completed the order within 2 days. This is very surprising since we put a lot of mistakes in the papers. However, after checking the result, we were fully satisfied. We don’t know how he managed to cope so fast, but we even paid him a small tip for such a result.

Essaywritery.com is definitely the best service for all the students who are very limited in budget. Of course, they show the minimum price for an order according to your requirements. However, this minimum is usually lower than on other writing services.

3. Payforessay.pro — Best for research papers and any type essay writing

Payforessay.pro was almost the last service that we analyzed. In this case, we thought that nothing could surprise us. However, this company managed to show us some focus in completing writing assignments. Although they provide different kinds of writing help, Payforessay.pro team is very good at research papers and essays.

Speaking about essays, we want to claim that they have one of the most unique approaches. This company asked us to provide our own writings from the last months. It is necessary to create the same tone of voice. We liked this approach since essays are those types of papers that are always very unique since usually, an author should share his own thoughts on a certain topic.

As for research papers, they claim that except for open sources and books, writers also have access to different prepaid sources. Moreover, they say that they are members of private groups on different forums related to their fields of study. That is their secret to create more unique and interesting works.

Such a fact interested us a lot, so we ordered one research paper for college in Law, with a 2 weeks deadline. After completing, we checked the data and the results.

  1. All the plagiarism checkers showed that the papers are fully original.
  2. The structure was consistent.
  3. The information was very interesting, so we read the research paper till the end and even discussed the topic later.

Yet, there is one more question. What if the tutor is a member of such a “private group” as well, and this will help him to discover that the student asked for online writing help. The support manager told us that the writers don’t copy or even rephrase the information from such groups. They just use it to make more accurate conclusions.

We also checked this on different students’ forums. Everybody who used Payforessay.pro claimed that they weren’t caught in turning to writing assistance. Thus, the Payforessay.pro team knows some secrets about writing research papers from scratch.

4. DoMyHomework.club — Best for homework assignments

Homework is the most frequent and the most boring type of assignment. Students have to spend several hours on homeworks every day. Most of them are very similar, so very often, it is better just to delegate them to avoid wasting time. Domyhomework.club is the best for such occasions.

Firstly, they have a lot of experts in different subjects. Everything from English to Programming is covered on this website. At the same time, the complexity of the project is not a challenge for them. 80% of writers hold Ph.D., so you may be sure that they have faced something similar to your task.

Secondly, they have over 500 specialists. Thus, they can provide homework help at any time of the day. And of course, they can easily deal with urgent orders. We assured this ourselves by placing an order with a 3 hours deadline and got the final draft within an hour and a half.

Thirdly, they take care of your privacy. The support manager explained that each of their members sings an NDA and, moreover, they use only the latest encryption technologies. Thus, no one can steal your personal data or payment data.

Finally, they have a terrific online reputation. This was one of the main reasons to add Domyhomework.club to our top-list. So, whenever you need homework help on Chemistry, Math, Law, Programming or any other subject, just contact this company.

5. WritingAssignment.net — Best assignment help service

Here is the last service on our top list. Doing research, we asked ourselves: what if a student won’t find the writer for his complex project on a certain service? The only answer is about turning to another. It is easy to find help for an ordinary task. Yet we always need something special for complex projects with a lot of extraordinary requirements.

Writingassignment.net is the correct answer. They have a very unique approach to completing orders. Regardless of the type of assignment, a writer is obliged to ask the customer for additional data. As the support manager said, they created a list of the most frequent requests for revisions. According to this list, every writer asks several questions before starting work.

You might say that such an approach may be annoying. But we found out that it takes only 10 minutes to answer all the questions. It gives a full guarantee that the writer has all the necessary data to cope with your project.

The online reputation proves this fact. Obviously, some students don’t like this approach, so they start to look for another company. Yet ask yourself a question: would you like to spend 10 minutes on a simple questionnaire or about half an hour (or even more) looking for another company?

Paper Writing Service: FAQs

The most surprising thing for us was that even regular customers still have a lot of questions about online writing services. Doing research, we read many FAQs on different websites. In this case, we decided to show the answers to the most frequent questions in general.

Are Essay Writing Services Reliable?

Yes, most of the essay writing services are reliable. However, there are a lot of SCAM companies and services with writers who have low qualifications. That is the main reason to do deep research before choosing a company. We are 100% sure that the company’s mentioned above are reliable since we have tested them ourselves.

How far in advance do I need to order?

Usually, it depends on the type of paper. For example, you can order an essay even within a day. However, for complex papers like coursework, it is better to place an order within a month. Also, you have to bare in mind that urgent papers are more expensive.

Are Essay Writing Services Ethical?

Of course. There is nothing bad about using essay writing services. It is the same thing as turning to a dentist when you have a toothache. The only person who might disagree is your tutor. Yet, being a student, he definitely asked his friend or relatives for writing help. The difference is that with online writing services, you get a professional writer and a guarantee of a high-quality outcome.

Is buying essays online confidential and safe?

If you use services from our top list, it is fully confidential and safe. All of them take care of customers’ privacy. Thus, no one will ever guess that you have turned to online writing services.

Are Essay Writing Services Worth it?

Of course. It is the same worth as dancing classes for students. Dancing improves your physical health and makes you feel happy. Just imagine that you can delegate several writing assignments to professionals and devote your time to other tasks. You will feel very relaxed and happy as well.


One of the most frequent problems of many students is lack of time. And the reason is tons of writing assignments. The best decision to make room in a schedule is just to delegate all these tasks to experts. Our top-list of research paper writing companies will be helpful for every student who wants to be free from boring tasks.

Whenever you need writing help, just turn to one of the companies from the list above and feel relaxed.

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