5 Best Gaming Android Emulators for Windows PC

Android emulators have attracted increasing attention in recent years as it serves a variety of reasons. One of the contributing factors is gaming. Many mobile users yearn to play Android games on PC rather than on their mobile phones as it provides a more pleasant gameplay experience without the fear of running out of battery. And of course, it reduces the lag in Android games and makes them easier to navigate on their gameplay using a mouse and keyboard. There’re a huge number of Android emulators on the market. If you’re having trouble picking out the right one, here is the list of the top Android Emulators for PC.

What is an Android Emulator?

Simply put, Android emulator is a software that creates virtual Android devices on your Windows PC or Mac which allows you to install and run your Android applications. Android app&game developers need to develop and test their mobile apps in a virtual Android environment. What’s more, mobile gamers prefer to play favorite games on a bigger screen. Whatever you use it for, an Android emulator is always supportive.

Best Android Emulator for Gaming on PC

Best Gaming Android Emulator for PC

1. LDPlayer

LDPlayer is a free Android emulator for PC with the usual array of gamer-oriented features, including good keyboard mapping controls, multiple-instances support, and emulator customization. It can be very quickly installed on modern versions of Windows PC as it’s a lightweight application. This emulator runs at 300 FPS as it claims, which means you will experience less lag while playing a high demanding game like Black Desert Mobile, Clash of Clans and Free Fire. Also, it can make use of your integrated and dedicated graphics to provide outstanding performance, giving you an incredible gameplay experience. Best of all, LDPlayer is compatible with Intel, Nvidia and AMD powered Windows.

2. BlueStacks

BlueStacks is probably the most favorable Android emulator that aims at mobile gamers. One of the main facts is that it is available both on Windows and Mac. It works well in getting regular updates, which brings the latest version of mobile games to your PC or Mac. As for gaming performance, few emulators could outperform BlueStacks. However, it does have a couple of disadvantages. It’s one of the heaviest emulators that a powerful PC with good specs is required to handle the software. That means the performance of BlueStacks depends largely on your hardware.

3. GameLoop

GameLoop, formerly known as Tencent Gaming Buddy, is the official emulator of Tencent Developer as it offers stunning performance when running its games. For its exclusive support for Call of Duty Mobile game recently, it becomes the top Android emulators for PC. Aside from Tencent’s games, it boasts other games as well but not a big collection compared with most of the emulators. However, if you’re addicted to mobile FPS gaming along with some titles, GameLoop is a perfect choice with a good collection of newer titles. It’s worth mentioning that it has a shortage of numerous good gaming titles, which is not a decent choice for testing Android apps.

4. MEmu

MEmu is another Android emulator developing in leaps and bounds currently that seems to be doing pretty well with gamers. It is capable of running various Android versions like Jelly Bean, KitKat, and Lollipop, as well as both Intel and AMD processors. Users will find it easy to level multiple accounts for the same game or play multiple games on the same account simultaneously. Additionally, as for its speed, it does pretty well as LDPlayer and BlueStacks. In short, MEmu is a nice option that can be supportive of both gaming and productivity purposes.

5. Nox App Player

Nox app player is another great Android emulator which specifically targets Android games. You can install the app on your Windows and Mac devices. It works seamlessly on Windows PC to give you an amazing experience of Android OS. Furthermore, it has a nice and clean user interface which makes its users addicted. It allows you to map keys of keyboard, mouse, and gamepads and even gives an option to assign keys to different gestures. It’s a lot of fun to customize Nox in such an entirely free and active development.


You are free to download any of the Android emulators for gaming above from their official websites or other online sources. Popular massive games like Clash of Clans, Free Fire and Black Desert Mobile on PC are both available on a gaming Android emulator. Last but not least, as with any gaming emulator, strong PC hardware is a bonus.

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