How to Remove Super Glue from Skin

Super Glue is a  very strong quick-setting adhesive that is made on the concept of cyanoacrylates or similar polymers. It gets its name as it dries up quickly and renowned for sticking in a matter of just seconds whether it is hand or some object. However, the superglue is not harmful to the skin but it can damage your skin or make you uncomfortable by limiting your mobility. To help you get relief from uncomfortable situations caused by superglue falling on your skin, we’ve prepared this thorough guide for you.

By mistake, if it falls on any part of your skin and it gets to stick with each other in any way, then you will be in trouble. Thankfully we have some ways to get you out of such a situation, which helps you in removing this super glue easily.

SuperGlued Face

Removing Superglue from lips :-

If your lips get stuck together, you need to act very quickly. Take a pan and warm some water. Put that warm water in a small bowl and dip your lips in it for two minutes. Now try to build some saliva inside the mouth and push it against the lips. Try to keep the glue wet from inside using your saliva because it softens the glue from inside and warm water from outside. Wait for some time, until the glue gets soften. After this method makes your lips a little bit soften, work on moving the lips from side to side (keep lips submerged in the warm water). Do not try to force them to pull, it can harm your lips.

Gradually lips peel apart from each other. If any part of superglue still presents on the lips then it will lift away one or two days. But make sure you do not swallow it.

Superglue Lips

Removing Superglue from Your Skin :-

There are many ways to remove super glue from your skin, it depends on the amount and intensity of adhesiveness.

1. If it fell on your finger and stuck there with the skin then soak area into warm soapy water first. Then let it dry and using tweezer or fingernail means any blunt object peel it slowly away from the skin. Try a rolling motion or peeling motion. Do not attempt it if it causes pain or glue is sticky, otherwise, it will break the skin area.

2. If the superglue is not fully dry, we can go for warm water along with the soap. It will help you in loosening the superglue from the skin easily. Adding lemon instead of soap will also help in eating the glue. Obviously, it is not a task of few seconds, you need to do several attempts for it.

how to remove superglue

The steps are as mentioned below:-

i. Fill a bowl or bucket with very but not hot warm water.

ii. Add 1 tablespoon of soap or detergent in it.

iii. Soak the glued part in it, until that area gets soften.

iv. Once the glue is soft, gently lift the part apart and peel it off from the skin. If it is painful or it seems that it may tear the skin stop doing that.

3. If you have sensitive skin, then it is advised to dip the affected area of your skin in mineral spirit to loosen our skin and peel it off. Margarine and olive oil can be used to provide grease, to loosens the superglue.

4. For a tougher skin type, soak the skin in warm water as soon as possible. Add some cool vinegar in it and when superglue gets loosen. Remove that glue from the skin.

5. Butter and oils (avocado and coconut) can help separate fingers that are stuck together. After washing with warm water rub oil or butter. Massage the area until the glue is gone.

6. A pumice stone can also remove dead skin and may help to remove dried bits of glue. Keep in mind we can use a pumice stone if the superglue is stuck on the face.

7. Petroleum jelly-Wash the glue affected area with warm soapy water. Then apply petroleum jelly there. Rub affected area with a nail file for some time. Repeat the same process until superglue cannot remove from the surface.

8. You can use laundry detergent with hot water. This option can choose if you are removing the glue from a small area. Put one-fourth of the cup in hot water in a cup. Soak and rub for around 20 minutes to loosen up the glue.

9. If your skin has been glued so hard that none of the above methods works then only use the nail polish removers. It is easily available in many groceries. Most of the nail polish removers contain a powerful solvent called acetone that can dissolve the superglue from the skin surface. But if you have sensitive skin or having something that has peroxide in it, then avoid using it. As acetone is potentially toxic, it can dry out and irritate the skin. It is vital to wash hands thoroughly afterward.

Steps to use acetone is :

First, put your hand in warm water. Then rub the acetone-based nail polish remover on the superglue. let it dry and remove the glue with the nail emery. Do not use acetone on broken or injured skin because it will cause a burn. We can not use it for removing superglue from the nose or mouth.

Removing Glue from the Eyes :-

Close up of woman crying

1. When it is a matter of eyes, it is highly recommended to visit the doctor. Because the eye area is very delicate, and getting eyes stuck with superglue is a very critical situation and dangerous also so that it will not cause any serious damage. Get it checked by the professionals to ensure that everything is back to normal.

2. If superglue has attached to the eyeball allow the tears from your eyes to flow out. The tears will eventually let the superglue washout from the eyes. You can use warm water to wash the eyes. For some time, you may experience double vision. Do not feel restless, be relax and wait till the glue detaches from the eyes.

3. If eyelids get stuck into your eyelids, dip a very soft cloth in warm water and gently bathe the eyelids. Wash well. Be patient and apply a gauze patch. Do not force the superglue to remove, you need to gently do it.

Unless the skin is visibly injured or painful, it is safe to delay removing the superglue for an hour or two. In such a situation it is best to buy superglue remover from some craft and hobby stores.

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