10 Best Paid Jobs for Teens & High School Students in USA

To work along with high school is a daunting task. We need to balance our work with the classes. Most of the time we hardly find time for extracurricular activities or to hang out with friends. But, it is also true that it makes us learn how to manage money, how to deal with other people and how to handle responsibility. Working at a teenage will give you invaluable experiences.

work part time student

Before you dive into any of the jobs as a teen or high school student, you need to consider some of the below-mentioned points:

  • Location: The job you choose should be near your school or home. It should not like you are in a hurry all day, running on the buses. It is important to be able to get the job easily and it should be relatively stressed free.
  • Schedule: You need to be very sure that the job you choose should fit your schedule. If you are skipping the classes for the job, then it would not for long. You cannot be successful by putting two legs in two different boats. But for now, choose your job to balance it with your school.
  • Experience: Before applying you need to note what kind of job you are applying for. You should not force yourself for the job you are not interested in or you do not have knowledge about that job. Then it would create stress on you or will hurl you every time.

Best Paid Jobs for Teens & Highschool Students

1. Web designer:

Almost every entrepreneur needs a website so, if you have technical skills in web development, you might find work designing or creating websites for customers. Even if you want to learn web designing there are lots of online courses that can help you in learning these skills. It is easy to set up a schedule according to your schooling hours. You need to spend long hours in front of a computer but it will help you to earn great money for part-time.

Web Design

2. Art and Craft Production:

For teens having artistic skills, winter holidays and summer art festivals are the artistic times. There are markets for the items that you create. During festival times the shopkeepers line up to buy Christmas ornaments, paintings, hand made gifts, handmade jewelry.

3. Tutor:

In this fast pace, where parents are so busy that they are not able to give time to their children. Parents are also not ready to leave any excuse in their ward’s study. They always try to hire tutors to help their kids in the subjects where their kids are struggling. So, quality tutoring is high in demand. As a tutor either you can demand on an hourly basis or on a monthly basis. The average income is $10 to $15 per hour. We have the option to be an online tutor, home tutor, or open a coaching center. It can be started by putting flyers at the library, in the newspaper and by posting in local Facebook groups.

part time tutor student

4. Warehouse and distribution job:

For those who do not mind using muscular work, there are some part-time jobs in which the teen needs to load or unload inventory in the distribution center or the warehouse. The working hours for it is evening basically, it will fit a student’s schedule perfectly. By being focused you will end up the work quickly.

5. Youth Sports Referee:

If you are good at sports, then you should do some training and certification at the primary level, sticking to the sports theme is also a good way of earning where you can also enjoy. With a continued increase in sports participation, the demand for referees has grown and the pay you get is also substantial. Youth sport has seen a rise in summer tournaments as kids chose their sport year-round. At that time you can schedule more than one game in a day.

5. Document and photograph Services:

Most of the people need documents and photos scanned and stored. Some people have a great interest in keeping photos from the pre-digital camera era. So, the job of a document scanner and printing photographs is really an easy and comfortable job.

Photographer Kid

6. Babysitting:

For teens to work as a babysitter is also an excellent job especially during summer. If both the parents are working, they find themselves struggling for childcare. A teen can make a great difference by being a good babysitter. It might be difficult to work as a full-time nanny. But joining for some piece of time like for two or three hours is not overly. Some parents hire some people only to help the kids to and from their activities.

7. Grocery Store Employee:

There are many different jobs available at a grocery store. These stores provide jobs as a bag grocer, stock shelves, mop floors or cahier. The cash register operator has a higher wage than other workers. High school students are also eligible to join Instacart where consumers are allowed to purchase groceries online and have them delivered to their homes. It hires people to shop to store for groceries and people to deliver them.

8. Animal Shelter Worker:

For an anima lover teenager working at an animal shelter could be a great job with the school. You are hired there to spend time with animals and you need to clean their cages. If you want to be a vet, you will get an important experience of being close to animals.

animal shelter worker

9. Front Desk Associate at a Fitness or Yoga Studio:

Working as a front desk associate can be a good idea at Fitness, yoga studio, at a spa, a salon or a hotel. You can probably get a discount on classes or on services that your business has to offer, maybe even free use of facilities.

10. Pizza Delivery:

Working as a pizza delivery person, you can listen to his own favorite music and teenagers love the freedom of driving his own vehicle. Delivery drivers have a good time at work while making decent money. Any teen can join it if he has a vehicle and has a good driving record. Typically it entails picking up pizzas, driving back and forth to the pizza place to deliver it to customers. This job will have a sense of autonomy and teaches responsibility.

pizza guy

As high schoolers you have lots of options that you can opt for. You need to find the job you are truly passionate about. It should satisfy you with the job and the money you are getting for the work but most importantly, do a job that is relevant to your field so that you’ll get experience and more transparency about the industry you’re getting into.

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