10 Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students in the UK

College is a phase that is both wonderful and stressful. While you do get a taste of what real world is like, what being an adult means, you also enjoy a certain amount of freedom when you are in college be it from curfews or from the rigorous routines that are part and parcel of school life. That being said, many students opt for part-time jobs when they enter college.

While it might seem like a waste of time or more likely, overworking yourself, it is just the opposite. Whether you opt for a job that is related to your field of study or one that is not, you learn a lot and the experience you gain while working comes in handy throughout your life. Handling a job and classes makes you more disciplined, better at time management and gives you a sense of financial independence. Many students have to take a huge amount of student loan for their course, part-time jobs are curated in a way that you earn more within a really small time frame. And, not to forget, when you include work experience in your résumé, your chances at employment increases.

part time job for college students in UK

In the UK, the college student can work up to 20 hours a week, which means 4 hours of work through Monday to Friday with Saturday and Sunday off. Other than that, there are many companies that provide the student with all the perks that are associated with working full – time if they clock in 25 hours a week. Which means the student will have a health insurance cover, have sick leaves and vacations and even get assistance with their tuition fees.

The minimum a smart person will be able to learn in a part-time job is £100 a week, working 20 hours a week. Not bad right?

10 Best-Paying Part Time Jobs in the UK

While working does provide you with an insight into how to handle your future work pressures, it does not mean you have to sacrifice your college phase to earn more. There are part-time jobs in the field of construction or marketing and even accounting, all these jobs are usually stressful either physically or mentally. While for a mathematics lover or for a student of accounting, the world of finance will have an appeal, it will not be the best fit for everyone.

So, when you look for alternatives to such high flying jobs you keep in mind that the pay is good and you are not overworking yourself. Listed below are 10 part-time jobs which don’t demand much efforts from you:

1. Dog Walkers

For animal lovers, this is the ideal job as they get to earn doing what they love. Currently, dog walkers are amongst the highest paid sector in the UK with many doing it full–time. A dog walker can charge around £11.50 per hour for one dog. On average, dogs require to be walked for 1 hour, so in a day a student can take up about 3 dogs. This way, a student can earn about £2000 every month through Part-time job. You get a decent workout yourself too!

Dog Walkers

2. Tutors

While still immersed in student life, another way to stay in touch with your study basics and earn a decent amount of money is by being a tutor. Unlike school or college teachers, a tutor’s job is always part-time. You do not need to work hard, except making your brain cells run, and you can easily ask for £10 to £15 per hour per student. Another interesting fact is, the higher the standard of the student, the more you can charge. In fact, many part-time tutors do charge around £20 per hour.

3. Transcriber

Transcribing is perhaps one of the easier career choices for students looking for a part-time job. The work of a transcriber is to listen to audio and write what is being said – like speech to text. Though it can get a bit tedious, the flexible working hours and the option to work from the peace of your home, beats all odds. At the entry level, a student can charge £9 per hour to about £15 per hour. This is a skill-based job and the better and faster you are, the more you can earn.

Transcriber Job

4. Freelance Writer

For the creative person, this is the best field to let your talent shine. The World Wide Web is a treasure trove for the content creator and with an excellent grammar and phrasing skill; you can easily charge £10 per hour. Again, the rates depend on the content field, such as medical writers can charge about £20 to £30 per hour and decide when to work and how many hours to work.

5. Sales

While this might seem pretty boring and hard, working in sales can actually be beneficial especially if you are a student of business administration. Your job is to pitch in a sale and if you manage to sell the product, you earn a commission on top of your hourly pay rate. Coming to the hourly pay rate, a student can charge about £9 per hour.

6. Logistics

Managing and delivering packages is what logistics is all about. While you can charge a good £10 per hour, you also get add-ons like transportation prices. Keeping inventories, making sure the product is dispatched on time and if you are in the delivery spot, you are to be punctual. Though it might seem too much of a laborious task, logistics does help you with quick calculations and proper management.

Logistics Job

7. Social Caregiver

Many houses require a babysitter or a caregiver for senior citizens. While you can charge around £11 per hour, you will be trained into handling your responsibilities as a caregiver. This is especially a good field for students who plan to work further in this sector or even from the medicine field.

8. Customer Services

Very much likes sales but here you are mostly required to provide after sales services like a call center job. Students who are fluent in English and can handle customers in a professional yet polite manner, this part-time job is for you. As for the rate, you can charge about £10.35 per hour and are required to work 4 hours per day.

work from home customer service

9. On-Campus Jobs

These are basically the post of librarians and the best part about these on-campus jobs is that you can build a better contact base within the university and still get paid for it. On average, a student can make about £10 per hour as a librarian which is pretty good for part-time.

10. Freelance Graphic Designer

Being a graphic designer means you design logos, poster and letting your creativity flow all the while making a good amount of money. The best part about being a freelancer is the freedom to choose the time and quantity of the work you want to take up in a day. Earning wise, you can charge about £20 per hour.

Graphic Designer

Having a part-time job not only help you attain financial stability and a sense of responsibility, but it also hones up your character and be more attuned to your strengths and to develop on your weaknesses. All of the above-listed part-time jobs are the most popular part-time jobs college students in the UK prefer.

So, if you’re clueless, I hope this article would have given you an idea for what type of part-time job you will find in the market and how much can you earn from it.

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