How to Choose The Best Home Health Care Service for Seniors

We all are aware of the fact that as time will go by, we would all reach that phase, the phase where we would have to be a little dependent on someone, even for the daily activities (ADL) of life. But that does not mean ageing is scary, it is not. It as an inevitable fact of life.

Disease, Disability, Ageing should not become a hindrance to the natural process of life. As soon as these facts are accepted and welcomed, it becomes easier to continue living smoothly. We are young now, we can care for our previous generation, our seniors and technology has made a lot of progress, with new ideas coming up to rescue us, here is a way-out as to how we can make our important family members feel not dependent, but helped and taken care of – it is by the means of Health Care Services.

IIn-home Health Care Service

Home and Health Care have become very commonly availed health care services these days, not only because of the fact that ageing people need help even to carry out daily activities but also we are often so busy with the work that we fail to cater to their needs. We can still arrange for their treatment drugs by choosing to order from a certified online pharmacy, but that doesn’t encompass their complete healthcare. It is not possible for an old person to carry on with daily check-up and tests while traveling to and fro to hospitals. These services are not only for ageing people but also for people who just had surgery and do not want to stay at the hospital for some reason.

These services can be medical and non-medical. They have their specific goals- that is to bring back the innate energy and zeal for life in the patients and gather new experiences. But before signing up for a service like this there are certain facts which need to be looked upon as deciding factor.


While choosing a service the first priority should be given to stature or reputation of service as a deciding factor. Thank god for the internet, since these days all the businesses register themselves on the internet, have their own website for greater exposure- you can go and read about their facilities. From the internet, you can also read reviews about their services, which can help you out in deciding whether to go for a particular service provider. Customer reviews are the best to rely upon as a person who has invested time and money would not write something unreliable.

Health Care User Reviews


It is very important to check for how many years is this service providing a company is there in the field, or how many people have availed their services? A subject like health care needs expertise. If needed make a list of the facilities you would need and talk to them. Ask questions- you have the right to get information. Check the license of the person they are going to send to you for the services. Talking about your requirements openly is necessary so that there is no problem in the future when the service period actually starts.


Caring for people is a noble profession, not only it requires patience, but also kindness, understanding, and seriousness are the important pillars. It is, therefore very important for the people who work with these healthcare services to have empathy. Before choosing any of them, try to map their behavior, because you are going to give them the responsibility of your loved ones.

in-home health care service


This term denotes the level of dedication the caregiver is going to work with. It is quite difficult to judge that beforehand. But while reading reviews you can check whether there is any complaint of –

  1. Late Attendance
  2. Using the phone too much on duty
  3. Longer hour of breaks
  4. Disappearing all of a sudden without informing
  5. Forgetting to carry necessary documents, medical equipment


Last but not least is this factor, which is important as well. While checking for other factors do not forget to look into this. You can compare the service providers if necessary. Keep in mind do not overburden yourself with overpriced services because peace of mind is necessary. It is not justified also to avail a service where you have to pay extra, because it reflects how that institution can be all about money and not assistance.

Top in-Home Health Care Services in The USA

Here is a list of In Home Health Care Service Providers in the USA that you can check out if you don’t have any idea about from where to start looking. All of these listed health care services are available from years and have been handling thousands of clients with a variety of care requirements including old people care service.

healthcare service usa

Brightstar Care: Home Health Care Agency

Brightstar Care’s headquarter is situated in Las Vegas. But don’t worry, they provide their services in surrounding areas and often outside their service map list. With a 24/7 contact option, they provide services like child care, companion care, transition care, senior care, personal care, and in-home nursing care. They have highly trained staff who have experiences in handling patients with Alzheimer and Dementia. They even provide necessary help if the family is unable to communicate with the patient. Their website contains detailed information.

Jordan Health Services

Providing their services across 120 locations, Jordon Health Services has handled over 37000 patients till date. This company came into being in the year 1975. Their services include community care, hospice, home care, children’s care. Their website offers a detailed description.

ResCare Human Services

Located in Kentucky ResCare Human Service has an experience of about 40 years in this field. Their services include home care, residential service, youth care, workforce services, and pharmacy services. They also offer customized assistance in-home care service for seniors.

Caretakers Home Care Services

With an experience of over 30 years, CareTakers home care service serves not only in metropolitan areas but also in small town localities like Hancock country. Their services do not have a package system, they charge by the hour or by the day system. Caretakers Home Care services include personal service, concierge service, companion care, around the home service such as cooking, and they have separate caregivers for patients with Alzheimer. They assist even on holidays.

It is very important to check on every detail while choosing a health care service as we are handing them over our loved ones. Trust is the biggest key here. Do not hesitate to ask according to your needs. All of these in-home health care service providers have a good amount of experience. Now it depends on your requirements, locality, and affordability to choose a service that’s suits you the best.

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