5 Cool Smart Watch That Helps Manage Your Business

Did you know that it is estimated there will be 140 million smartwatches sold in 2022? The smartwatch is on the rise, and for good reason.  Although, the Longines and Rolex are still in trend for fashion and elegance. Smartwatch uses are numerous and growing!

Smartwatches are popular in both fashion and technology, but they can also be beneficial in business. Discover five smartwatch uses to help your business by reading on.

Smart Watch for Business

1. Calendar Alerts

Calendar alerts can often get lost in a busy workplace. However, with a smartwatch calender events will come right to your wrist. It’s hard to miss a meeting when your watch is buzzing at you.

These alerts will help you inconspicuously stay on schedule. It’s often seen as rude to pull out a cell phone during a meeting. However, quickly glancing at your watch is usually acceptable.

2. Emails on the Go

Do you need to stay connected to your business emails all the time while you are on the clock? A smartwatch can help you stay connected while you are away from your phone, computer, or tablet. Smartwatches make it easy to carry fewer items to meetings, business lunches, and conferences.

Check your email on your smartwatch by setting up email alerts. It may be harder to read a lengthy email on your watch, but at the very least it will notify you to new emails, who sent them, and the subject line.

3. Never Miss a Call

In the world of client service or sales, missing a call could mean missing your paycheck. Use a smartwatch to receive all incoming calls directly to your wrist.

Answering calls on a smartwatch may not be for everyone. However, if you are in a meeting and an important call comes through, you will be able to read the caller ID from your smartwatch. Owning a smartwatch the is capable of receiving calls may just save your next business deal!

4. Travel with Ease

With your smartwatch, you can travel for business with ease. Most smartwatches have a GPS functionality as well as offer the capability to show a boarding pass on the face. With a smartwatch traveling by plane, train, or car is easy.

A smartwatch is also the perfect business travel accessory. With stylish watch bands, you can upgrade your look for a day of client meetings or a business lunch all while keeping track of your time.

5. Manage Tasks with Reminders

Do you need help managing your business tasks? Use a smartwatch’s reminder feature to set alerts for yourself throughout the day. There are many helpful apps for smartwatches that will help you in business.

Reminders will help you stay on track during your hectic workday. These alerts can nudge you to get up from your desk, move to the next project, or turn in that deliverable that is due for review.

Smartwatch Uses for Businesses

Smartwatch uses for businesses are countless. These top five are easy ways to start using your smartwatch to increase your productivity, timeliness, and simplify for work life.

Are you ready to buy a smartwatch to help you succeed in business? Check out our blog for more tips on smartwatch benefits.

Ranbeer Maver is a Computer Science undergraduate. He's a geek who embraces any new consumer technology with inhuman enthusiasm.