5 Helpful Devices for Successful Students

Everything in life is fast-paced nowadays, even students need to up the pace in school and college if they are to stay on par and not fall behind with their work. For the average person, there is only so much that he or she can remember.

One can only write so fast and say so many things. Sooner or later, people get to a point where they need help. Luckily there are so many devices that we have at our disposal to help us cope with all the stress of studies.

If you want to make your studies a success, then you’ll probably need some of these devices to help you along.


The smart alarm clock

Do you remember when you used to be woken up by the shrill scream of your alarm clock? The ringing in your ears disorientating you and throwing you off the balance before your day even started. Then people began to use their phones as alarm clocks.

Although this became a popular alternative, there still existed the off chance of stopping your alarm instead of pressing snooze.

The smart alarm clock is a must if you want to start your day outright. These devices link up with your calendar and are connected to the web, which means that you get immediate updates on your day when you wake up.

This is one of the coolest gadgets for college students as they will never miss a deadline or appointment again.

Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

Tablets and iPads are great devices in their own right and can provide a student with enough tools to see them through. There is one thing that they lack though and that is a physical keyboard.

A touch screen is great and writing on one is quite easy, but many people prefer to type and that is where the foldable Bluetooth keyboard comes in.

These devices are compact and their batteries last a lifetime. They are responsive and turn your tablet into a touch screen laptop, making it even more versatile.

To make your studies even better, you could also make use of online research proposal writing help to save you time and possibly a lot of money. Not only that, but you can also get dissertation, term papers, college essays and thesis done from the writing experts.

Evernote Smart Notebook

If you haven’t heard of this technology, or if you are one of those people who don’t want to let go of the good, old-fashioned notebook, then this one is for you. The Evernote Smart Notebook is a combination of cutting-edge technology and old school tactile stimulation.

You still write things down with a pen and you still flip the pages, but while you are writing, a digital version of your notes is being made at the same time or you can use a website to accomplish your writings .

Once you sync your special pen to the notes app, you have a digital version on any one of your devices. What this essentially means is that you can have access to your notes and easily browse them on any device at any time.


Portable charger

It has happened to all of us. When you needed your device the most, the battery died and you were left stranded. In this digital age, you can’t be caught with a dead device, especially since your whole life is probably organized on some or another device.

Portable chargers have come to the rescue in a neat little package. Depending on the battery size of the charger, you could get more than a full charge out of one of these tech gadgets. There is no shortage of the amount of different portable chargers out there.

You need to determine your needs and work according to that. The pocket-sized power banks will be able to give your phone a full charge at least once. The other factor that you can look at is the speed at which the device can charge your phone.

Scanner smartpens

Every student has had that moment where they happen to come across a piece of text that could help them in their dissertations. The only problem was that they didn’t have any means of writing the text over. Scanner smartpens are ideal for exactly this purpose.

When you are writing your dissertation or thesis, this is a must-have gadget as it will save you hours of time that you would have spent in copying work from various sources. There are many devices around and depending on your budget, you could either go wired or wireless.


Short of spying on student devices, this list will help you save hours of studying time and money. For all those times where you just can’t keep up in the moment, you now have ample tools to choose from to help you record and make notes for later review.

The time to study is now and the best tech for college students is here. Back in the day, people dreamed of these devices and today we are spoiled for choice. There is something for everyone and every budget. You only need to figure out what your needs are and do a quick google search. You’ll be amazed at what you find.

Author Bio:

Joshua Robinson is an edutech expert who’s on a mission to improve the teaching methodologies with use of latest apps and devices, both by teachers and the students. In his free time, he loves to play piano, play with his twin daughters, and writer educational blogs.