5 New and Unusual Ways to Use CBD Oil

Are you a daily CBD oil user? You’re not the only one. With a total market size predicted to reach $22 billion within the next 2-3 years, CBD is huge because millions of people around the world are trying it for conditions ranging from inflammation to anxiety. Of all CBD products, CBD oil is typically the most affordable because it doesn’t require the extra processing that other products such as CBD candies and beauty products require. If you want to keep your CBD usage as affordable as possible, CBD oil is almost definitely what you’re buying.

Let’s be honest, though; if you’re taking CBD oil several times every day, you’re going to have that taste on your tongue just about all of the time. Are you craving a bit of variety? We’ve got 5 creative ways of using CBD oil that you may have never considered.


Add CBD Oil to Your Food

One of the fun things about CBD oil producers like OK CBD is that they have flavored CBD oil available. With flavors like orange, vanilla and spearmint, it’s the perfect choice for adding CBD oil to your food. If you choose the right flavor, you can make CBD oil go with almost anything just by drizzling it on top of your meal. Try tossing your pasta with a bit of CBD oil. You can also add a bit of CBD oil to a vinaigrette. Flavored CBD oil makes a tasty ice cream topping. When using CBD oil with food, the only thing that you can’t do is cook with it at high temperatures. CBD is volatile, and it’ll vaporize at around 400 degrees. If you sauté food with CBD oil, the CBD content of the oil will escape into the air. Foods that bake at low temperatures – such as brownies – are OK.

TIP: CBD oil is not the same thing as the hemp seed oil that you can find in your local health food stores. CBD oil is extracted from the plant material – usually the flower buds – of industrial hemp. Hemp seeds contain no CBD.

Add CBD Oil to Your Lotion

Since CBD seems to have anti-inflammatory properties, many people have tried using it externally to relieve skin conditions ranging from surface scrapes to acne. Have you considered buying an expensive CBD lotion to relieve your skin issues? Why would you do that when you could save a bunch of money and add a little CBD oil to your favorite lotion instead? Try adding CBD oil to a thinner lotion; otherwise, you might have difficulty mixing the lotion thoroughly. After adding the CBD oil drops to your lotion, close the lotion bottle tightly and give it a good shake to distribute the CBD.

TIP: Some people have reported good results when using CBD oil as a spot treatment for acne. When you have a bad breakout, apply a drop of CBD oil directly to the acne.

Make Your Own CBD Patch

Some CBD users have experienced good results when using CBD patches to relieve chronic pain. The problem with CBD patches, though, is their price; a single CBD patch costs upwards of $20. Why would you spend that kind of money when you can just as easily make your own CBD patch? Simply take the largest stick-on bandage that you can find and add CBD oil to the bandage’s soft pad. Apply the bandage to the site that you want to treat and enjoy the effects of the CBD oil for several hours.

Add CBD Oil to Your E-Liquid

When you use CBD oil to combat a condition such as chronic anxiety or insomnia, your goal is to get the CBD into your bloodstream as quickly as possible. That’s why the standard procedure when taking CBD oil is to hold it under the tongue for several seconds before swallowing it. Even taking CBD oil that way, though, some of the CBD content still won’t enter your bloodstream until your digestive system begins to process it. That can take up to two hours. If you’d like to get the CBD into your body even more quickly, try vaping it instead. If you already vape, you can simply add a few drops of CBD oil to your favorite e-liquid. If you don’t vape, there’s no need to worry; virtually every e-liquid maker has nicotine-free e-liquids available. Any inexpensive vape pen will work fine with CBD-infused e-liquid.

To vape CBD, you’ll begin by removing the top from a bottle of e-liquid. Add several drops of CBD oil to the e-liquid before closing the e-liquid bottle and giving it a good shake. You’ll want to shake the bottle vigorously each time you refill your vape tank to ensure that the CBD is evenly distributed. If you already vape, you may not want to use CBD oil in your favorite vape tank unless you want to use the CBD every time you vape. The CBD oil may leave a residue that can shorten coil life. In addition, be careful not to add too much CBD oil to your e-liquid; the thick oil may have difficulty flowing through the small wick openings in your vape pen’s atomizer coil.

Add CBD Oil to Your Shampoo and Conditioner

Can CBD actually improve the strength and thickness of your hair? To date, scientific studies have focused on the possible effectiveness of CBD in treating more debilitating conditions such as anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain – but that hasn’t stopped cosmetics companies from adding CBD to shampoos and conditioners. There aren’t many companies making CBD-infused hair products, though, and that means those products can be expensive. As with CBD-infused skin products, you can make much the same thing for dramatically less money simply by adding a bit of CBD oil to your favorite shampoo and conditioner. Since hair products contain emulsifiers to keep their ingredients mixed, you shouldn’t have to shake the bottles repeatedly to keep the CBD evenly distributed. Simply give each bottle a good shake after adding the CBD oil. You might just find that your hair is softer and shinier than ever.

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