Find Best Torrents in these 50 Sites Like Torrentz

Torrentz provided the easiest way to search any torrent. The Meta torrent search engine, Torrentz allow anyone to search for any torrent from 400+ torrent sites and that’s why it is favorite of most of the torrent users as people can find there torrent from any of the popular torrent website at one place. Torrentz has changed the way people used to find torrents and made the torrent search easier.

Its insane popularity also attracted many legal organizations which forcibly blocked Torrentz search engine. However, the site is back now and it taking even more measures to avoid blocking that’s why the site went down and inaccessible when there is a risk. However still many countries has blocked all of the Torrentz meta search engine torrents and that’s why you might not be able to access Torrentz. Don’t worry, even if you aren’t able to access Torrentz sometimes, there are still lots of Torrentz alternatives which will provide you the best quality of torrents and let you download movies, tv shows, music, ebooks, games, software using them. So, I am representing my huge list of such 50 sites like Torrentz which you can use if you aren’t able to access Torrentz.


From below table, I am representing such amazing Torrentz alternatives. These best Torrentz alternatives are handpicked after checking their quality. So, they are providing the highest level, 100% verified, authentic and fast torrents. Scroll down to find best sites like Torrentz.

Torrentz Alternatives

Sites Like Torrentz

Kickass Torrents
ISO Hunt
Sumo Torrent
Lime Torrents
Seed Peer
YTS YIFY Torrent
Extra Torrent
RU Tracker
Torrent King
New Rutor
Torrents 9
Torrents ME
DIVX Total
Tor Lock
Worldwide Torrents
Torrent CD
FAST Torrent
Only Torrents
Sky Torrents
Desi Torrents
Torrent Downloads
Torrent Bit
Pirate Public
BT Sone
Your Bittorrent
Academic Torrents
File List
Bittor DHT
Arena BG
Torrent Funk
Torrent Project
01 Torrent
Mejor Torrent

Use these Torrentz alternatives when Torrentz is blocked or inaccessible for you. You’ll be able to find any desired torrent from any category on these sites. Enjoy!

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