6 Ways to Promote Your Hotel

Do you want to make your hotel stand out from the rest of the hotel industry? There are several ideas that can help you do this. You need to put the guest first and all their requests should be handled as a priority. Are you already using a hospitality call center? If not, then it’s time you start considering it seriously. 

We have some strong and unique tips for you. After reading this, you can get started quickly and leave the competition behind.

Brew your own beer

Make your own beer. This will help you promote your hotel to your guests. Print your own beer labels (translation: bieretiketten drukken) with your logo and brand name. Then sell your own beer in your restaurant and hotel bar. When you have your own beer, you can also design your own beer mats. Beer mats are used very often and are a good way to promote your hotel.

promote your hotel

Put something nice on the pillow

Want to do something for your hotel guests? Put something nice on the pillow when they arrive. By doing so, you show your guests appreciation. You put the little something in a gondola box for extra protection, and your brand is promoted in a fun way. Gondola boxes (translation: gondeldoosjes) also add extra luxury to the gift. Guests will take photos of it or leave a good review.

Give bottles extra luxury

Give a bottle of water or wine extra luxury by hanging a bottle hanger over it. This gives the bottle the luxurious look it needs. The bottle hanger will associate your hotel with extra luxury. You can also make special requests for hotel guests with bottle hangers. For example, guests can make a wedding message, making their stay extra special.

Give your wine style

Has someone ordered a bottle of wine for their room? You can have it delivered in a wine box. Wine boxes give your wine extra style. The wine box is also a great way to promote your hotel. Do guests want to take a bottle of wine home with them? You can also sell special wine boxes. Wine boxes are easy for your guests to take home.

Get mugs printed

Let your guests enjoy the breakfast and get mugs printed. This way, your guests can enjoy breakfast together with coffee or tea. There are different kinds of mugs so you can use different designs.

Go for sustainability

You are already doing a good job to strengthen your brand. A very good and beautiful way to strengthen your brand is to be sustainable. You can do this by using sustainable menus, for example. By using as many sustainable products as possible, you reduce your impact on the environment. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important so the sooner you start the better.