7 Best IDO Service Providers for Your Crypto Project

In the new era of digital assets, Blockchain technology (eazyresearch, 2020), which is an immutable and shared ledger to facilitate businesses network, through the process of tracking assets and recording transactions is becoming extensively crucial now. These assets can be of both forms tangible or intangible such as land, cash, patents and intellectual property etc. The ledger mechanism of blockchain technology is distributed to ensure digital assets security while keeping the asset holder’s anonymity intact. Digital asset becomes highly attractive to investors due to this aspect, who wants to manage their assets and digitalize it.

For any business startup raising funds, cash and capital is an important aspect of it. This can be possible to achieve with the help of IDO service providers. Entrepreneurs and Investors have shown an immense amount of interest in these platforms that has given a boost to the blockchain industry. They are ready to invest in the DEX platforms. Ecosystem of blockchain gives an opportunity for the contribution of blockchain through DEX which is Decentralized Exchange platform by a fundraising method (IDO). Crypto investors are interested to raise their funds through IDO.

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IDO host on DEX by creating a type of crypto asset. This approach will boost the liquidity and give support to bitcoin as well music, other forms of entertainment and video games. IDO development is very useful for making decisions based with crypto assets, as it makes it easy for businesses to enhance and collaborate their services and products in a better way.

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The seven best IDO Service Providers for Your Crypto Project are listed below.

1. FireStarter

Firestarter as the first IMO (Initial Metaverse Offering) service provider, supports Gamefi, NFT, social tokens and DeFi and working on the Polygon networks. This platform gives a distinctive opportunity to the investors in their early stages of getting on IMO projects. Upcoming projects building on the IMO uses this platform for raising investments and funds on the things a community believes as big things to achieve.

There are two main reasons of crypto projects to use FireStarter service provider. First, this platform gives opportunity for unknown and new projects that can gain big followings. Second, it has quick funding for projects in record time.

2. BSCpad

BSCpad service provider gives cryptocurrency projects a means for the distribution of tokens and raising liquidity. This platform is for decentralized and fair launches. This platform also wants to tackle the staking issue through blockchain launchpads. It aims to address the underlying challenges in the existing launchpads of acquiring adequate amount of tokens for the participation in the ecosystem which is currently prohibited. And also to address the issue of allocation spot which has no guarantee even if you stake a token.

3. GameFi

This is an ecosystem of e-sport which contains betting, NFT marketplace, fantasy games, PVP games and lottery. GameFi aims to become a gaming platform globally where no restriction for playing games and users can also do interactions with other players. This is so far the only gaming specific service provider. It is designed to be used as chain agnostic.

Companies are charging too much for these services to its users. So, GameFi will tokenize this platform as a solution to it. Blockchains (Amsyar et al., 2020) help better executions and fast transactions. This platform is unique as it gives dividend up to 51% to its stakes. Solana blockchain technology is used for securing your data here. It will be super-fast and cost efficient user system.

4. Seedify

This platform comes along with a DAO-driven seed-stage fund. Seedify service provider is a decentralized incubator to empower new innovations of the ecosystem in blockchain. This is being accomplished by the feedback, community which is governance driven, funding mechanism and involvement. For your initial fund you can get a vote on Seedify by the community after submitting your work here.

Kucoin and Pancakeswap are some of the known and latest platforms to buy seed funds. You can also promote your projects at this platform. This provides a path for start-ups in cryptocurrency. The most important benefit investors get here is the advance access on the prices of launch for new projects that are seeking to raise cash prior its launch.

5. TrustPad

This is a decentralized but multi-channel platform for fundraising. Which will raise funds for organizations with the assurance that there funds will be safe even for the early stage investors. This platform is uniquely based on Binance blockchain. Solana, WalletConnect, Certik Skynet, Trust Wallet, MetaMask and Ethereum are supported as well.

6. Babylons

There is a decentralized ecosystem of Babylons for the Launchpad/service provider. Investors and entrepreneurs can invest into IDO on this Launchpad. They will use $BABI tokens with it and can also check through calendar for upcoming projects. Through twitter page all their announcements for IDO are announced. They also show best IDO return on investments. For instance, Heroes Td, they have returned investors 200x and have their IDO on Launchpad.

7. Polkastarter

This platform has raised $47 million on 100+ projects over its lifetime. There are individual investors over 34,000, who have used Polkastarter service provider and acquired pre-sale tokens for their upcoming projects. For instance, Cryptoverse, it was the biggest launch so far that has raised over three million and expanded projects to new heights. $POLS token is used at this platform that pays transactions as governance token.

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