7 Essential Family Camping Gears

Are the Mountains calling you? Then into the forest you should go to lose your mind and find your soul. Rough days at work give us enough reason to persuade us to go camping.  The thought of sitting around a campfire lit under a clear sky, gazing at the stars pacify your mind. Camping or spending some time outdoor can rejuvenate you, boost your immunity system and help you to reduce your blood pressure. The refreshing effects of a weekend campout can linger for weeks. Camping bonds family. Joy full times around a campfire ignite those wonderful memories and teach the message that life away from modern amenities can be fun and worthwhile adventure. So just unwind and unplug from the day-to-day pressures of work and home and let camping force a return to simple things to revitalize you.

To go for camping you certainly need camping gears. Here is a list of some essential camping gears that you should carry with you, so just pack these camping essentials and you can rest easy knowing that you will have a great time.

1. Tent

Unless you are the kind of person who enjoys sleeping under the stars without a tent, you certainly should double check that you are carrying one with you. If you already do not own a tent then you have quite a lot of options in hand. You can go with (a) Survival Tents, (b) Cold Weather Tents, or (c) Canvas Tents.

Camping Tent

While choosing a tent keep in mind the following essential features:

  • Durability: Pick a tent that is more durable and can withstand the winds or rain.
  • Weight: Heavy tents can be vexing and inconvenient especially if you are carrying your gears on your back then it can be a pain in the back. Choose a tent that is portable and lighter-weight.
  • Ease of set up: Some tents are quite difficult to set up. These complicated tents are time- consuming and frustrating to set up, go for tents that are easy and quick to set up.
  • Rain Protection: Check out if the tent is accompanied by a rain fly. Nothing more is frustrating than waking up trapped inside a wet bag.

2. Car Tracking Device:

Nothing sucks worse than waking up in the middle of the woods to find your car being stolen. These GPS Tracking device are a must have gadget to keep an eye on your vehicle from theft or unauthorized use. GPS tracking device can also help you find your way when you are stuck in an unknown road. Aiblue has some very smart car tracking device that you should check out.

camping gps

3. Personal GPS Tracker

While going for an outdoor adventure like camping there might be instances where you might get stuck in an unknown road or if you have wondered into some unknown caves it might be difficult to find your way out. So what’s the solution?- Your Personal GPS Tracker! Personal GPS Trackers are normally carried by a person that uses Global Positioning System to determine and trace the precise locations.

4. Sleeping Bags or Sleeping pads

Sleeping Bags or pads are an imperative gear that you should carry while going on a camping venture. Like tents, sleeping bags comes in different weights and material. Some are ideal for handling different temperatures. You might like a sleeping pad along with your sleeping bag to make it more comfortable. You need to do some research to find the one best suited for you.

5. Water:

Have you ever thought what might happen if your campground does not have any drinking water nearby? If you have not thought about your camping water plan then it is crucial that you carefully plan it out. You should check the water situation before you go. You might have to plan differently for a site with potable water compared to a remote place in the desert. Whatever be the situation you will definitely need water for cooking, cleaning and extinguishing your campfires.

water in camping

So try to carry a large enough container that will hold sufficient amount of water during your outdoor activities. Along with water containers try to equip yourself with any mini water filtration system so that if you run out of the water you are carrying you can arrange it for your drinking, cleaning or cooking purposes.

Similarly, there are several important prepping items that one can easily forgot, Prepper Base makes sure that you won’t forget any such essential gadgets, items and food for your next trip.

6. Headlamps, Lanterns and Flashlights

It gets dark in the woods and don’t be surprised! It might feel a bit eerie when it gets dark in the woods especially when you are going to the woods from a hustling city. You need to have the right flashlight for camping and some extra gears like a lantern or a headlamp which be quite useful especially if you are trying to set up a tent after dark.

7. Survival Knife

While camping you may have to cut a rope or fillet a fish or trim a walking stick. For all such activities it is very essential to carry a good quality survival knife. Pick a survival knife that can help you in piercing, slicing and chopping as well.

Survival Knife

Camping can be an awesome experience, but only if you are properly prepared for such an adventure. The key to having an amazing camping trip vs. a nightmare depends on the preparation you make for your trip. Make sure that you have all the essential items to keep your camping trip fun and relaxing.