Five Android Gaming Apps Best Kept Secret

Android gaming experience is evolving into a new phase with top developments for anticipating gamers. Some of these games go as far as paying players real money for their actions. These enticing features are ones we want to keep seeing as time goes on. Therefore, it’s best to have some of these apps lay low while we reap the numerous benefits.

In this post, you’ll get to figure out the top five Android gaming apps best kept secret. Prepare to download some of these rugged apps and enjoy a massive gaming experience.

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Top Five Android Gaming Apps Best Kept Secret

Here are five exquisite Android gaming apps with mad features that you cannot afford to miss:

Pair Solitaire 

The casino-inspired aesthetic of Pair Solitaire user interface is outstanding. The cards and tabletop are meticulously detailed. If the default card design in the app is not to your liking, you can purchase three additional designs from within the app.

The goal of Pair Solitaire is straightforward: eliminate all cards from the deck by matching pairs. Cards of the same suit or number count as a pair, but there must be a third card in between them. To discard a single card from a pair, just touch on the card you wish to discard.

Amazon Slots

Amazon Slots is a top-notch app with numerous games to play and win real money. It’s an ideal platform for amateurs to groom their skills and experts to navigate and experience more discoveries. It begins with a player simply downloading and installing the application.

After installation, players are rewarded with a massive welcome bonus in form of cash and free spins. Though there are terms and conditions in terms of your deposit, this is only the beginning of the fun.

There are numerous games available, including slots, table games, and more. There are several acceptable payment options including Pay by phone bill, Paypal, and Paysafecard.

Horizon Chase

This exquisite game is the king of entertainment; you don’t want to miss this one. The visuals of Horizon Chase are sure to catch your eye the moment you boot up the game. The designers aimed for a retro, 16-bit aesthetic that was updated for the present-day using 3D graphics.

This results in genuine track settings from worldwide, but things like trees have a more jagged, low-poly aspect to them. Horizon Chase distinguishes out from the crowd of mobile racing games because it is neither too cartoonish nor totally realistic.


Breakforcist is a title that sticks out owing to the peculiar breakfast and exorcism elements. The art style is also appealing.

It has an aesthetic comparable to the tokidoki brand with bright, colourful, and charming character designs. Breakforcist’s original and amazing J-pop/electronic soundtrack complements the game’s impressive aesthetics of real money slots.

Match Land

Match Land’s original and tough take on the match-three RPG genre is sure to satiate your needs. In addition, you may earn valuable currency by selling captured monsters as delicacies to the residents.

Players assemble a squad of up to five colourful characters. To combat the onslaught of creatures, you must form matches on the grid to unleash your chosen heroes’ devastating attacks.


These five Android gaming apps are like no other; they provide a splendid experience among many other benefits. You can download any of them and begin your exciting gaming experience.

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