Are Contact Lenses Worth a Try?

If your aim is to go for vision correction and there is no other problem with your eyes, you can opt one between contact lenses or glasses. A LASIK surgery is also suggested by many doctors and hospitals, and it is better to go for one if your power is really high and it is difficult for you to find glasses or contacts with the required high power. Considering all these, glasses and contacts seem like the two cheapest options you have.

A lot of people opt for glasses just out of sheer fear of wearing lens. Even I had the same question in my mind when I was wearing glasses: “how in the world am I supposed to put the lens in my eyes?” It was a scary scenario for me as well as a lot of other people. This mainly prevents a lot of people from even trying contacts. Let’s break those misconceptions today.

Misconception 1: Contact lenses are not safe to wear. They can cause infection.

Now, this is simply not true, if you have a modicum of good hygiene. Contact lenses are very safe to wear. Any potential infection or dust entering your eye can be easily avoided by cleaning your lenses properly before wearing and after taking them off before storage. Just make sure you get your lenses from a good manufacturer. For example, solotica hidrocor lenses are leading the market.

Misconception 2: They are not for physically active people. They can fall out when I am working out or playing.

In fact, contact lenses are better options for sportspersons since they don’t move around when your head or eyes move. They sit perfectly well over our iris without moving thus giving us better vision even while playing. Modern soft gel lenses are also very flexible and adjust themselves according to your eye movement.

Misconception 3: My vision won’t be as clear as it was when I wore glasses.

Again, you are wrong. Contacts sit comfortably on the curvature of the eye, giving you a wider field of view than glasses lenses, and excellent focus. Your lenses won’t be affected by more adverse weather conditions such as fog and rain, while they also won’t steam up in hotter conditions. Honestly, who likes fog or steam on their glasses?

Misconception 4: You can’t go near the fire when wearing contacts. They are inflammable.

This is a rumour that has been widely circulated on social media and it holds no truth. Unless you put your contact lenses in the said fire, they will not go up flames. The melting points of these lenses are well above the heat you are going to be exposed to when looking at fire or when you are in the kitchen.

Contact lenses also give you options to play up your style. Nowadays, colored contact lenses are easily available in the market. You can choose any color from an array of   according to your mood and outfit. Feeling especially chilly tonight? Go for solotica hidrocor ocre for an electrifying icy white.

Ranbeer Maver is a Computer Science undergraduate. He's a geek who embraces any new consumer technology with inhuman enthusiasm.