Firestrike Review:  A Good Investment for your Instagram Growth?

Review of: Fire Strike

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On April 10, 2019
Last modified:April 14, 2019


Firestrike Review – Businesses and organizations are investing heavily in Instagram marketing and growing their following on one of the world’s biggest social media apps.

With roughly 5 million new uploads a day, which have the ability to reach 74% of Americans under the age of 34, why wouldn’t spend the time getting to know the platform and its potential for your business? Well, the simple answer is time. Growing an organic Instagram following takes time, engaging with other users takes time and fully understanding how to use Instagram for your organization’s benefit takes time.

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Some businesses now have entire teams dedicated to content and engagement, more often than not, these are larger companies that have the resource capacity to do this. But what can you do if you don’t have the time, or more over the expertise to train a dedicated team to manage your account for you?

Enter Firestrike.

Firestrike Review

Firestrike provides an organic Instagram growth service, the service is totally tailored to your organization needs and preferences. They provide the full social media management from beginning to end, all you will need to do is answer comments and direct messages.

The special aspect of Firestrike is organic growth.

Why Utilise Organic Growth?

There really is no short supply of social media management companies, they are in effect the organizations of the moment, but organic growth social media companies are the up and comers of this new arena.

So why should you invest in organic growth rather than instant results? Other social media management companies who don’t utilize the organic strategy look to purchase followers to give the veneer of popularity. This positive at the beginning of the strategy, it can make your page look busy and popular right from the off, however, when you start looking at engagement rates on your page, that is where problems lie.

Whether you are looking to become an influencer or simply to market your product or service to other businesses or consumers, engagement is key. If you have an Instagram profile with thousands of followers but no comments, then things start to look off.

Consumers may not believe you are as popular as you are making out and will start to look elsewhere. This is also applicable to businesses, who will run analytics on your page, if you haven’t got the engagement levels they are expecting with someone with that many followers, they will pass you by. This is why organic growth is so important in Instagram marketing. Organic growth is a slower process, but it means the interest in what you are doing is valid and you have more chance of reaching a larger audience.

Firestrike: The Viable Alternative

Firestrike is a viable alternative to the traditional approach of loading Instagram pages with followers. They provide an end to end service beginning with you choosing your target audience based on the demographics you want to engage with. The entire process is very simple, and you simply check the boxes of the type of people you want to see your product or service. Firestrike then generates the hashtags that are most popular within your set market segmentation and they get to work engaging with these profiles on your behalf. Simple, right? The only things you are required to do is continue to produce high-quality content that your consumers want to see, reply to direct messages and the comments on the post, so your workload is drastically reduced. You can then sit back and watch your Instagram steadily climb in popularity.

The Beauty of Organic Growth

Because the growth is organic, it is set to last. When you use Firestrike you can trust that you won’t access your account one day and see you have lost a large percentage of followers. The point of organic growth is that you are engaging with real people and real profiles that hold a genuine interest in what you are doing.


Firestrike offers a tailored service to its users, one of these features is a reporting service. When you purchase this service, you are given your own dedicated account manager, this is your port of call for any questions you may have. They will also generate a report for you, this report is a comprehensive document that details the growth on the page, interactions and how they have done this. Transparency is the keystone in how Firestrike operates and it will give you peace of mind when you need to report on your account’s growth.

Is Firestrike Safe?

Handing over your account details might be a daunting prospect, but Firestrike is professional and dedicated. At no point when we used the service were, we then blocked from completing actions on Instagram, which is often a sign of foul play. Questions are answered quickly and effectively, Firestrike is experts at what they do.

Final Considerations

Organic growth will provide businesses and organizations with a sustainable growth strategy, your account will grow slowly, yet steadily. The results aren’t instantaneous, but the results are genuine, and you will see a change in the reach of your account within the first week of you using the service that Firestrike provide.

Firestrikes service is efficient, safe and easy to use.

Whilst you will still need to create your own content and reply to comments and direct messages, they do all the hard work for you and engage the target audience that you want to reach.

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