7 Awesome Ways To Increase Your Reach on Pinterest

Social media is an incredible platform to build relationships, create a community of like-minded people and create long-lasting valuable relationships. Pinterest, which is a robust social media platform, is often underestimated.

According to Venture Beat, the half-life of a Pinterest post is way longer than of a Facebook post. Also, CoSchedule analyzed 1 billion blog headlines and found that Pinterest was responsible for 90% shares.

These metrics beg for a question— what can we do to increase our reach on Pinterest and gain more user engagement?

In this article, I will outline X significant ways to increase traffic and drive successful conversions.

1. Add a pin button to your blog

The best way to get more people to pin your content is to add a pin button on your blog. This will not only remove potential barriers but also get you better results with the existing traffic you have. If you have a WordPress blog, there are a number of social sharing plugins that come handy. If you have a content management system, it is too likely to have these functionalities built in. The idea is to let more and more people share your images on Pinterest.

Increase Your Reach on Pinterest

Furthermore, in 2016, Pinterest made an algorithm change that changed how pins are shown to users on their home feed. The platform now focuses on showing pins that direct to blog posts and valuable resources. So, no matter how many beautiful pictures you produce, unless and until you don’t give a meaning to them, it will be of no use.

2. Use relevant keywords in your pin description

You can perceive Pinterest as a visual search engine which is used by millions of people for various reasons such as planning their weddings, buying gifts, holiday destinations and ideas on how to make your life easy in general.

This is why it is essential to treat it as a visual search engine and use the best SEO practices to attract relevant traffic. Just like a blog post, your pins should ideally have 2-3 keywords in its description.

3. Use group boards

Group boards are like regular Pinterest boards but having multiple contributors. In group boards, all of the board’s pins will be visible to the followers who follow all of their boards. The numbers of pins are directly proportional to the amount of reach on your pins. Hence more pins mean more reach and ultimately a surge in your business.  You can create your board and invite other Pinterest users to that. You can also repin other’s content to curate valuable boards.

4. Promote your pins on other social media networks

Another great way to expand your reach is to use other social media networks for promoting your pins. You can share your pins across platforms like Google+, Facebook, and Instagram with relevant hashtags.

Promote your pins on other social media networks


6. Create and share eye catchy images

As mentioned above, Pinterest is all about visuals. Hence, if you share more visually appealing images, they’ll be likely to get shared. Images like infographics which contains data and charts do better than others. The good thing is you don’t need to hire a web design agency to do that. Tools like Canva, Piktochart will suffice your purpose. They have ready templates which you can download and modify as per your requirements.

7. Showcase customer stories

If your awesome pictures are falling flat, enlisting your customer stories can help you. Customer-driven content can really do well in such scenarios. Showing customer generated photos can be an outstanding practice to gain your customer trust and gain more engagement. You can use customer quotes as text and pins to promote a natural feeling from the images about your brand.

8. Over to you

Many businesses struggle with creating a good reach at Pinterest. If your Pinterest presence isn’t working off lately, don’t worry! There are ways to increase your outreach and reword your profile. Follow the tips mentioned above to develop a Pinterest friendly business.

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