Top Benefits of Using SAP Business One ByDesign ERP for Project Management

For businesses across the world, SAP Business One ByDesign is turning out to be a top-notch project management tool. From inception to execution and beyond, the software helps companies to seamlessly finish projects. Moreover, it allows companies to bring together internal and external stakeholders on a single platform to contribute to the success of their projects. 

Given how widespread the use of this tool is, it is vital to consider whether your company needs SAP Business One ByDesign. Here, we have compiled a helpful list of benefits it provides once implemented, so that you can take a well-informed decision. 

ERP for Project Management

Covers the Entire Project Lifecycle

By using SAP Business One ByDesign ERP, companies can determine the entire lifecycle of their projects. For instance, the project head can ensure cost management by predetermining the amount of money that is to be spent on the project. Besides, it allows companies to determine what activities external agents can perform within the confines of the project. Thanks to these features, the software helps companies to stick to their deadlines. 

Cuts Down on Costs

SAP Business One ByDesign can suggest risk management strategies that substantially bring down the possibility of loss during a project. Moreover, the tool lets you fix a budget for your projects, and the estimate is often accurate and reliable. Other features that allow you to plan and reduce your expenses are regular cost monitoring, prediction of necessary materials, and estimating the time of project completion.

Enables Employee Collaboration 

SAP Business One ByDesign project management is a powerful tool for companies looking for a platform to get all their employees on board with the agenda of a project, collaborate seamlessly, keep track of key project metrics, and consequently finish the task within the deadline. It is worth mentioning that features of the tool, such as event-triggered procedures, can go a long way in moving the project along smoothly. 

Allows Rich Data Access

This SAP business one tool is a blessing for companies when it comes to project planning and execution. The advanced data access functionality helps employees to securely access important and relevant data. Most importantly, employees can also make use of previous project data to perform better on their current projects, ensuring faster delivery. 

Ensures Effective Resource Assignment

SAP Business One ByDesign also allows companies to ensure that their resources are effectively utilized during a project. The project manager can use the insights the software provides to make sure that each aspect of the project is getting the appropriate amount of resources for optimal results. 

Offers Actionable Graphical Representations of Different Projects

There is a variety of flexible options for companies to present and view how each of their projects is performing via graphical representations. Project workflows can also be determined by means of network designs. 

Apart from that, users get to choose the type of project management they want to include in the application. The results of the improvements you make can further be viewed on the user dashboard. 

Prevents Project Complications

Project management with SAP Business One ByDesign is quite effortless and companies of any size can use it with minimal knowledge. With this tool, your company can easily manage operations ranging from basic cost collection to comprehensive economic designs. 

Apart from that, the software helps in delivering a great project by allowing companies to predict what kind of revenue they can expect from a project, which can in turn be compared to the estimated cost, for making better decisions. 

Enables Seamless Project Execution and Control

Using this software, even projects with multiple steps can be handled effortlessly and in a manner that saves the company money and time. The SAP Business One ByDesign project management software further helps in maintaining record receipts that are part of the project implementation. Which is why, companies can utilize this information to control project progress, optimize resource allocation, and be on top of deliverables and billing in real-time without compromising the quality of the project. 


SAP Business One ByDesign ERP is a cost-effective solution for smart project management. Companies can leverage it to come up with viable project plans by means of its valuation strategies. Notably, the software is highly scalable and customizable, meaning it will grow with your business needs. To make sure your project team is well equipped to implement and use the software optimally, consider hiring an authorized SAP Business One adoption partner

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